Monday, February 26, 2007

A Frugal Kitchen

I'm feeling virtuous. I made roasted veggies for our supper tonight. I also made a rhubarb cobbler from the rhubarb in the freezer. That healthy meal alone is praiseworthy, but the reason I'm feeling so good is I'm following through with my goal of using the produce I buy and not letting it go to waste. The normal potatoes, carrots and onions are not the trouble, it's the more expensive things like peppers, squash, etc.

Today I bought asparagus and baby yellow squash to roast. I snapped the ends of the asparagus and was about to throw them out when I remembered someone on a preserving foods Yahoo group saying they dried the ends and flaked them to use in various ways.
So I dug my dehydrator out from under the stairs. I trimmed off the dried out woody bottoms from the snapped ends. Those almost trashed ends filled one tray.

And since I had the dryer going, I figured I should make better use of the electricity and fill more of the trays. A quick look in the fridge found a tired looking orange and lemon. I sliced those up and they filled a tray. Once they are dried, I can crumble them up and use to flavor drinks or icing or anywhere you would use extract/flavorings.

I still had 2 trays empty. I looked again and found a partially filled serving bowl of fresh pineapple pieces. That filled another tray.
I couldn't find anything to put on the 4th tray, but I'm pretty proud of what I did find to preserve in that 5 minute search.

A final frugal doing.... After we ate supper and I put the leftover roasted veggies away, there was some olive oil remaining in the bottom of the pan. I cubed up the end of the home-made bread and tossed the cubes in the oil. I put those in the fridge and will toast them tomorrow. They'll be great on a salad.

I found tonight that if you leave garlic cloves in their skins, they'll roast without burning. I'll stink tonight but mmmmm~~~ they were good!

Tonight's Menu:
Roast Vegetable Medley
Home-made whole wheat/oatmeal bread
Rhubarb cobbler with vanilla ice cream

I plan to upload new photos of the grand-twins tonight too. Be watching.


** "It is a good thing to be rich, it is a good thing to be strong, but it is a better thing to be beloved of many friends."  -- Euripides (480-406 BC) Greek Playwright

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