Sunday, March 18, 2007

This and That and Mark

It's a blustery day on the Farm. DFarmer is down with some kind of crud...fever, aches, swollen glands. So I've been dosing him with Sudafed and he's been sleeping most of the day. You know he's sick when he thinks Cream of Wheat and dry toast and applesauce is a good lunch.

While he's been resting, I've done chores twice, got the laundry caught up, ran the dishwasher and have been watching several vintage quilt auctions on Ebay. I won't say which ones so I don't "jinx" it. But, WHEN, I win them, I'll take some photos to share.

I have homemade pizza going in the bread machine per FarmerRick's request. So maybe he's feeling a bit better. Not exactly what I wanted to do on a Sunday evening but I like to spoil him.

We also talked to ds1 and the girlies. They like to talk but only for a moment or two. So I have to be content with hearing giggles in the background. Bry said they love the horses Pappo made for them.


Here is a photo of the Cornhusker Pickle group and Mr. Mark Lipinski at dinner. We had a ball and Mark is just too nice for words. I can't wait until he comes back to Nebraska for another visit.



I'm getting the urge to do more decluttering and at the same time, I really want to get into the sewing studio. I had planned to do that tonight but making pizza takes a while, so not sure it will happen. Maybe if nothing else I can fold and organize some fabric. I've gotten it in my head to paper-piece some spring flowers, in Bright Colors!
I will probably have Tuesday off from work and can sew then. (I always say that and then it never happens!)

I noticed today my flowers are starting to come up. I didn't dig around too much but saw new growth in the irises and day lilies on the berm. I also have been noticing more bird songs in the last few days.

This was my songster on last Tuesday.

Today the buds on the trees in the north pasture were looking ready to "pop"! The forecast is for 50s, 60s and 70 this week and a chance for thunderstorms... Not Snow!! But we were told we will get one more major snow storm before spring is truly here, so I'm not going to get too eager to work in the garden.

The beeper on the Zo just went off so I'm off to make the pizza.

As always, thanks for reading. Have a wonderful upcoming week everyone!
Kay on the farm

** "We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public."
--Bryan White

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