Thursday, April 12, 2007

No news is boring

Not much news on the Farm.  Farmer has a bad chest cold and shared it with me.  We both cough and have a fever and headaches and generally not much fun to be around.  The gloomy and cold weather this week hasn't helped much either. 

I've received a few Ebay treasures.  I'll try to get photos taken to share later. 

Basically we have been sleeping, working, supper and start all over again.  It kind of sucks. 
And now snow for tomorrow overnight. 

Someone wake me when Spring arrives for good!  (Happier note--I heard the Mourning Doves today at the office.  As soon as I see the Barn Swallows I'll know it won't freeze anymore.)

Other nature notes--  18 deer were enjoying the new grass just beyond the backyard fence.  We tried to take photos with out scaring them, but the photos turned out fuzzy. 
Farmer dispatched to "the great unknown", a ground hog today.  They make huge messes under buildings and eat my garden!  We do not like them, nor raccoons.  

All my flowers that were surviving the cold are starting to look peaked.   I noticed the buds on the wild plum thickets are all turning brown and dying.  What does that mean for the wild life that feed on the fruit this year?

I've been hearing the winter wheat crop was highly damaged across the plains by the freeze.  What will this do to grocery prices this year?  
We've already noticed that certain foods have risen in cost due to the higher corn prices.  Corn is bringing a higher price at the markets due to the increase in ethanol plants being built.  Good for us on one hand but not on the other.  We buy some groceries too.

And finally to end on a better note:  This is Day 10 of my going "NO Pop/Soda" cold turkey!   YAH Me!! 

I'll be back soon and I'll try to be a bit more uplifting.  This was a rather gloomy post. 

Hugs and Stitches,

"Nobody really cares if you're miserable,
so you might as well be happy."
-- Cynthia Nelms

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