Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Harvest is amongst us & Herb Roasted Chicken

Photo from www.cooksillustrated.com

First, the chicken....

Oh Wow! This was some seriously delicious eating! My bird looked very similar to the above photo. The procedure is pretty easy.

Cut out the backbone & butterfly the chicken by pressing down hard on the breastbone. Tuck the winds under. Rinse well. Then brine in 1/2 c. kosher salt & 2 qts water, in the fridge for an hour. Pat dry w/ paper towels and make slits in legs.

Smoosh (that's a technical term war smileys ) herbed butter under skin on the breast and into some of the slits on the legs.

Brown, skin side down, in a large skillet on the stove. Then roast in a 450° oven for 25 mins. Turn bird over so the skin side is up. Spread with more herb butter and continuing cooking until breast meat reaches 170°.
Take out of skillet and let rest, tented while you make the sauce or gravy.

For the whole recipe, go HERE .
You may have to sign up for the Free 14-day trial to see the whole thing. (I love Cook's Illustrated!)

This was soooo good with homemade Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, biscuits (ok, from a can-- I was helping a certain Farmer when I could have been making them from scratch) and fresh tomatoes from the garden.

Dessert: "fat-free" Carrot Cake. Mix one 12-oz can of diet soda with a cake mix. Nothing else. Bake as directed. Not a cake to make you cry with joy, but not horrible either.

That is how I spent my evening yesterday.... messin' in the kitchen while DS2 helped his father. You haven't seen too much of him because he HATES to have his picture taken. See....

He just would not look at me and smile. Silly boy.

Harvest is amongst us here on the Prairie. Several neighbors have started cutting soybeans. My allergies are going at high gear! I hate sneezing, but hate the spacey feeling from the drugs worse. We need a rainshower to wash it all away. Anyway, if I'm scarce for a few weeks, you'll know where I am.... helping Farmer-dear and being a Woman Out-standing in her Field. (go ahead...groan..... unhappy smileys )

Have a great week and enjoy Autumn!

––"For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.
For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad. "
-- Edwin Way Teale


  1. Yum! Your timing was perfect with this recipe, as we have just gotten our chickens and I'm making the first one tonight! I have never brined before roasting my chicken before (we do it with our turkey at Thanksgiving, however) so it's brining now and then I'll tackle the next step. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it looks as good as the picture you posted! :)

  2. DS2 is just like Toadman... always turning his head. Sigh, don't they ever get it that if they let you get atleast one good shot in, you usually move on? HAHAHA He's a cutie just the same Miss Kay!