Saturday, September 20, 2008

Never too old to learn

Learning new things is always good. And I'm learning some html codes, learning about playlists, things like that.

Soon I want to find a free on-line basic digital photography class. I love my new camera and want to do more with it. Our local continuing ed classes offers this, but I have no free time in which to take those classes.

Today will be filled with cleaning the house, laundry, and then this afternoon, a Grain Truck Retrieval. No Nebraska game to listen to on the radio and I don't have any books on CD to listen to. It'll be along 2+ hours, following Farmer-Dear home. I'll have to pre-set the radio to all the Siruis talk stations. Martha Stewart, Fox Net, the "clean" comedy station.

Tomorrow I've already told F-d that I am hiding in my sewing room!! He's taken up most of my free time this past week with painting, mowing and other work. I'm going through fabric withdrawal!!

Oh and another new thing I'm learning.... Smiley Codes.... let's see if it works....Free Graphics

HA! YES!!! I did it!! Free Smiley Courtesy of
(had to relearn which codes work for this... brain hurts now....)

I'll be cutting & pasting over to Xanga for a while. Just so my old readers know... The smileys may not work over there. I won't be fixing them.


–– "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty."
~Henry Ford

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