Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I **heart** Cute Shoes!

What I'm reading now:

How to do Everything
with your Digital Camera
by Dave Johnson

Good Morning Dear Readers!

If you followed me to Blogger from my Xanga blog, you know I LOVE cute high heels. Don't wear them a lot in my day-to-day (it's not easy to chase cows in heels and they get stuck in the ground out in the fields), but I do love them.

Anyway.... thanks to a tip from "The Fashionable Housewife", I found THESE:

Aren't they just the cutest shoes!! **gushing enthusiastically!!**

They are the ones Bristol Palin is wearing in the People Magazine photo.
I found them at both Zappos ($$$) and Online Shoes ($$). On sale now at Online Shoes.
Too bad they don't come in red. mad smileys

Unfortunately a certain Farmer just bought both diesel fuel and gasoline for the farm tanks. Can you say "Ca-CHING!!"? No cute shoe buying in my immediately future, but I'll keep the link for later. Christmas is coming, right? Oh Honey.......

More photo experiments later. This morning, I was trying to emulate Pioneer Woman and her pre-dawn over the pond photos. Still learning aperture and shutter speed and all that technical photography stuff. I can say, I like using the manual settings better than just leaving it on auto. Somehow it feels more like I'm a part of the process. (duh!)
I picked up a book at the library yesterday on Digitial Photography. I'll have time while waiting in the elevator lines and for Farmer-dear to fill the trailer to read a little bit and I think little bits will be the way I'll need to go to understand it all.

Happy early Wednesday morning to everyone!
––"It is a good idea to be alone in a garden at dawn or dark
so that all its shy presence may huant you and possess you
in a reverie of suspended thought."
~ James Douglas

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