Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random thoughts while reading blogs & more photos (Cows)

*written this morning*

oh wow! add to my love of red high heels, THIS bag! And THIS ONE! Actually any of the bags in this Esty store. She is a fun blog read too. Go HERE to read more.

Our little hometown is having their first annual Autumn Car boot sale (trunk to us Yanks) next Saturday. I'm thinking I need to scour my house for stuff to sell and a cute way to display it.
I need to make some $$. I have shoes and bags calling my name.

In the meantime, I'm still working up apples and this afternoon my Farmer is going to try and start cutting corn. He'll take a sample in to see how dry it is. There is rain in the forecast for Sunday.

I got the latest Susan Branch email today. All about Autumn. I seriously love her artwork too!
Go HERE to see it.

*and written this evening*

Mr. Farmer did try corn and it IS dry! He finished the first small field behind our house this afternoon & evening. I rode in the new-to-him, grain truck for the first time this evening. Won't be doing that again soon. The springs in the seat are shot.... OUCH!! I felt every single bump on the road.
Tomorrow he's going to take a vacation day from 'work' and cut more corn. There is an 80% chance of 2+ inches of rain this weekend. The wheat needs the rain but everyone would like to get the beans, milo and corn out of the fields too. I'm just glad God is in control of it and I don't have to worry about it. We'll just work with whatever He sends.

I was able to put another bag of apple slices in the freezer and filled all 7 trays on my dehydrator. The apple butter is just about done cooking down. It's getting pretty thick. I'll get that jarred up before I go to bed and get it in the freezer.

And finally, a few more random photographs just to satisfy my urge:

This was my morning smile-maker.
(happy now SparkieL)

And this was my afternoon happiness. Along with these guys....

Aren't they cute? Even though the far one isn't quite sure who or what
that thing is with the big black eye?

This guy didn't care. He was happy to munch on the apple peelings I threw over the fence.

He was very curious. "Is that black thing something to eat?" It's always about food with them.

(Actually this guy has always been a loner. He wasn't quite ready to "cut the apron strings." He's over the bellering, but he's not happy with the humans yet. The other 8 come to the fence and investigate whatever we're doing.)

(I'm not discriminating against the heifers. I just didn't take the time to look and see who was a "he" and who was a "she", so they are all "he"s for my convenience. Or rather they are all "it"s.... no more vital parts on the former bulls, if you know what I mean....)

And now that apple butter is done cooking and ready to be jarred. So I'm off....


––"Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves;
We have had our summer evenings, now for October Eves!"
~Humber Wolf


  1. Girl to only have a 1/4 of your energy these days! I will tell you that you have gotten my -where's my camera- urges going again. I have my old rebel out sitting on the dresser, but I'm just not into the whole waiting for the film to develop thing. I like that instant gratification of the digital so much better. But, I miss playing with the extra features the rebel has. It's not always about the "point and shoot" method that gets the best and most intriguing shots! I love what you have been coming up with! By the by... get a watermark on those pics honey or you may end up seeing them in some magazine somewhere-- and not with your credits! Yes, some of them have been "that good!"

  2. HI,from western NE...the pixs of the kolaches are to tease me or
    tempt me to bake???? they look so
    good....Made lots of cabbageburgers
    last week with DIL. We too are
    harvesting ...the Boss & me(go-fer)
    doing corn & son & his crew digging
    sugarbeets sooo lots of semi-trucks
    on the has changed
    in the low 30's this am & snow
    forcast for the weekend in WY...YIKES
    not that far away!!!!! 60+ miles
    GO-BIG-RED....think we need a
    mircle???? gram b
    ps..your pixs great....

  3. I love the morning smile picture! You got the light just right! I agree with Lisa, get yourself copyrighted, I've seen plenty of my pics with someone elses name. Grr.

  4. Ok Sparkiel...I put a WM on the first photo. Since I don't have Photoshop, it's a long progress using OpenOffice.

    iPhoto doesn't have the capibility to add watermarks that I could see.

    Betty-- HI fellow Husker Fan!! The kolaches are tempting and teasing me too. Apple pie is good, but kolaches are better. lol Ohh Runzas! good idea! I'll make those this weekend.
    No semis on this farm, just grain trucks and I refuse to learn to drive them. I'm stubborn that way. I'll drive the pickup & trailers and "go-fer" whatever he needs. I'll help fix things and sort cattle but I won't drive a manual transmission.
    Hope the snow stays West & North of you!

    Sharon--did you contact them and demand credit?? You should!

  5. love the pictures, and I can *taste* and *smell* the apple butter... oh wait, maybe that's mine! This season is such a treat for the eyes and the tatebud, but it's pretty fatiguing! I'm almost ready for the snow to fly just so the pace can slow down a notch!

    Question, can people copy your pictures if they are uploaded from your computer? Not to picassa or flckr?