Tuesday, November 4, 2008

That Ole Holiday Feeling....

"We've got that holiday feeling
That happy holiday feeling
Our favorite holiday of the year..."

(The Caroling Corner)

I know... I know... It's barely November and I want to talk about the holidays!! (you exclaim)

Bear with me Dear Readers.... look at the ticker on the sidebar...there are less than 60 days until Christmas! Only 23 until Thanksgiving.

If you are like me, the weather has been delightful (not frightful) and it feels like late September instead of early November. If I let my heart rule instead of my head, I'll just sit back with a cuppa cider and watch the leaves drift down and daydream. I won't even remember the holidays are right around the corner.

And then I'll be running about in crazy circles in a few weeks. Especially when I add in that our workload at the office will be picking up ALOT in the next week or so.

I need to start planning now. I need to get organized now. (stop hiding those giggles... I can see you.... It could happen... I could get organized... maybe... somehow... with help.... **sigh**)

So... what to do? How do "we" get organized for the upcoming holiday season? I have several ideas and helps.

1. Go to this Flylady page and download (in your preferred format) her holiday Control Journal. I use it to help me keep all my ideas and planning in one spot. (Note to self-- Find your Holiday Control Journal!!)

2. While you are at the Flylady site, go here and print out Leanne's gravy recipe. Seriously good! (scroll down past making the turkey, etc) I could not make gravy for anything. It's a running joke in my family. Wall-paper paste or water this year? But the past several holidays I have not had to defend myself. I found this recipe and now my turkey gravy is Outstanding!! (thanks Leanne)

3. Another idea is to go to Cindy's Porch for some frugal holiday ideas. Doing and not spending. Great advice, especially the ways things have been this year!

Ok... found my Holiday Control Journal! (schwoo~~) Here's a few photos:

My control journal and my favorite cookbook. (the squiggle on the CJ is to hide the name of our banking institution. Recycling an old notebook.)

Inside you will find articles I've printed or torn from magazines. Notice the Flylady sheets from her site. And that blue folder... more on that in a moment.

Two pages from the Flylady Control Journal just to show you what they are like.
(again squiggles to protect the innocent & hide last year's gift list.)

5. Ok, remember that blue folder. Inside are the rest of my holiday recipes. Some tried & true and some that might be someday. There are a few recipes in my everyday recipe boxes that I make all year long, but I know where to find them. These are the just for the holidays.

Here's another example of a holiday journal.... one of my Xanga subscribers shared her's this week.

I just read the forecast for this week and SNOW!! is in the forecast for Thursday night and Friday!! Um.... not sure I'm ready for THAT indication of the holiday season.

Until later....
**"the weather outside is frightful and fire is so delightful; and since we've no place to go..... Let's go Sew, Let's go Sew, Let's go Sew"
~~paraphrase by D. Feit (my friend)

PS We did vote today. I'm not watching any of the returns and will sleep peacefully tonight. Tomorrow is soon enough to start celebrating or praying harder.

PPS. I started a major overhaul of my sewing room. Photos of the final outcome later.

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