Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful.....

Yes it is..... Frightful with sleet, snow, freezing who-knows-what, going on out there.
But thankfully I was able to get home before the worst of it and Farmer-dear and DS2 got the chores done and DS made it home to the city too.

I've been scarce for the past several days. Sorry.... Work at the office is at it's pre-holiday peak and I'm making the Holidays happen here in the Prairie Farm-house too.

Thanks to that Black Friday Shopping Madness, I only had a few more gifts to buy, mostly online. I've started wrapping, but everything seems to be of the large size this year and most of it will not fit under our tree. So, I'm stacking them in the family room in the basement.

In the Prairie Kitchen:

I started baking and making goodies. Some we've eaten and need to be remade, but that's part of the fun of the season. I like it this way better than a marathon baking day like last year. We can enjoy it all season.

Speaking of making goodies... I made Biscuits and Gravy for Farmer-dear to take to the plant as his Holiday Treat. I can now say that those frozen biscuits aren't too bad. Really fluffy and don't taste too artificial. Can't vouch for the canned Sausage Gravy, but it must have been OK, as he only brought home the scrapped clean roaster pan. (Biscuits and Gravy for 40+ hungry factory workers means 5 dozen frozen biscuits, 2 restaurant-sized cans of Gravy and 3 pounds of bulk pork sausage, browned and stirred in.)

Other less-heart attack inducing goodies have been Fudge, Amish Sugar Cookies, Brownies, and Chex Party Mix, so far. Next on the list to make are Scotcharoos and Spritz cookies and maybe Sugared & Spice Pecans.

In the Sewing Room:

There is very little going on in the sewing room right now. I made an executive decision for myself this past spring that I would NOT be going nuts trying to finish up any quiltie gifts after May. The gifts I have made were done in March and are awaiting to be wrapped. I feel so free not having that hanging over my head!
I will participate in a Christmas Mystery (quilt) over Christmas Day & weekend. Or I may just follow what the group is doing while I work on my BFF's Anniversary Quilt. I'll have two 5-day weekends over the holidays and other than making Christmas Dinner and I'll be taking it easy. I'm going through fabric withdrawal. I walk past my sewing area every morning on my way out to do chores and it gets harder and harder to not stop and at least pat some Fat Quarters or stroke some yardage.

Other Random Thoughts:

The other Christmas activities going on here in the Prairie Farmhouse have been:
listening to through my iTunes. All the older Christmas music I remember from my childhood (and before...although I don't remember that...)

I ordered our Christmas cards online so we could add 5 photos.
They arrived today and I'm really happy with them. I'll post one or the one I created in iPhoto here over the weekend. (We didn't get the ones from iPhoto because they were mega-expensive!) If you are a RL friend, be watching your mailbox soon.

I've been wrapping gifts and I wish I could remember where I got this roll of paper!! It's thicker and double sided and seems to be never-ending. I used it last year too and it is still a very full roll. Where oh where did I get it????? I'm thinking maybe Target? Shopko? The discount card store? Sam's?? If anyone knows of somewhere that has similar paper, please let me know. I love this paper and it is making wrapping a joy this year.

I'm so happy.... just waiting for one more delivery and I'll be done! Hopefully NO late presents this year. BIG Kudos to all the retailers I purchased from on-line & over the phone this year. You did Good! (Only 3 bobbles so far. Missing packing slips in one order; the wrong color of another item but it'll work and one gift packed and shipped upside down, but it seems to be ok.)
Last year I had to wait on several things and some were discontinued and I had all kinds of problems.

Last year I got flickering battery-operated tea lights, 6 for $3 at Wal-greens. Love them. But as I said, they are battery-operated. Hearing aid batteries. One package of two is over $4! In this era of being "Green" why is it cheaper to toss the lights than to buy new batteries??????

Do you, my Dear Readers, do you get your own gifts? Over the past few years, as we have had our empty nest, Farmer-dear and I have found it easier to just buy a few bigger gifts together and then maybe find our own gifts to wrap for under the tree. (shhh-- I did get him a small surprise because I could not resist. shhhhh)
It started when I stuffed my own stocking. No one else remembered and I was tired of a limp stocking with maybe only a new toothbrush or dark chocolate bar in it. So now I get small gifties through out the fall and any small RAK/Q I get in the mail, go in my stocking. Lip gloss, samples or small freebies from Bath & Bodyworks, new socks, Fat Quarters, Dark Chocolate.
So do you stuff your own stocking too?

Right Now:
I'm wearing: Black & Red Tracksuit & white cami, black cashmere socks
I am listening to: The Classic Holiday Radio on iTunes and the UNL Volleyball game that Farmer-dear is watching.
I am reading: I'm between books right now. Just finished the latest issue of Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home Magazine.
Last thing I ate/drank: Coffee, fudge and a sugar cookie
Favorite moment of the day: Seeing DS2 wave at me as I pulled onto the farm.

If any of you are a mid-westerner, please be careful tonight & tomorrow with this storm brewing. (I'm watching the lightening and hearing rumbles. It's Thunder Snow!)
Remember.... Jesus is the reason for the Season, not the presents or the activities or parties or food.

I'm off now to see how much it has snowed and to snuggle under some fleece and read for a bit before bed. I love cozy, winter evenings.


"I'm not giving up my MERRY CHRISTMAS joy to anyone.
If I know of someone that celebrates another holiday during this time of year,
I will be glad to wish them whatever holiday they want. Just tell me what it is
and I'll shout it to the world and wish you a grand celebration."


  1. I have a question about those frozen biscuits....... Do you thaw them before baking or do you pop them onto a baking sheet and stick in the oven when they are still frozen???

  2. Wow that was a great post...I really enjoyed reading it!!! How is the weather? We are getting snow and under a blizzard warning. Supposed to get an arctic blast too. Yee-Haw!!! I do stuff my stocking with things but my farmer does get me some things also..usually a music cd and almost always asks me which one I want for my stocking! I made fudge the other day and chocolate carmels today. Hope you have a great weekend.


  3. They were boughten ones, Pillsbury brand I think. They were baked from the frozen state for about 20 mins. They were pretty good. I was surprised.

  4. Ew. I'll take snow over sleet and freezing rain any day.

    I don't have to do my own stocking, because the MiL lives with us, so she does all the stockings except her own. I do hers.

    I mean, SANTA does hers. OF COURSE.