Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A pink bedroom & Porch longings

OMG!! I found it!!! (what, you ding-bat?)
I found the exact example of how I want to decorate the girlies' guest room. If you get Country Living Magazine, you should be getting the March Issue. It's on the cover (of mine, anyway.)

For you who don't get it, here it is (the following photos: ©2009 Hearst Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

We have an iron bed like that. And we have a smaller bench but Pappo could make a longer one, I'm sure. That bedding shouldn't be too hard to find (or something similar). Instead of wainscoating I'll probably paint the bottom white and put up a chair rail between the colors. I am so excited! I've been trying to come up with an idea that implimented pink, white & black with out being too "little girlie".

I found another fun idea in the same issue.

It's from IKEA and not terribly expensive. I have a similar cupboard but much smaller. It's too small to hold much of anything in the basement bathroom. I want it for either the back porch or ??. It is about 8" deep and about hip-high. Any ideas? Illustrations are good for me. I have to see it to "see it."

And speaking of the back porch....

I have that shelf up high already and a window right there. My table is bigger and no chairs yet. And I have that wooden siding on the walls. Here, I'll show you again:

I love this table!! It's bigger than I wanted but I love the design and the curvy legs.

I think the room in CL is Cute, cute, cute! (LOVE those tins and I have a tin bread keeper that is very similar.)

I can't wait to start working in there again. Any ideas on how to impliment recycling bins into a vintage room like this? I'm thinking a potato bin or something like that but need it to be affordable. Ideally, I'd love to find an old flour bin but I doubt that's going to be in my budget.

While I was toodling around the Country Living site I happened on a bunch of outdoor porch photos. I am drooling for summer, warm breezes, flowers, bird songs.... well, you get the idea. Maybe this will help us all hang on for a few more winter weeks.....

Here's MY front porch, before and after the enclosing:

How many weeks until Spring??? (by the way, Daylight Savings Time starts again on March 8th. Yeah, I know....)

Anyone else working on projects you'd like to share? Comment and give us the link.

I'm on Bovine Maternity watch this afternoon. #27 is started and I can see her with binoculars from the back porch. I'd better go take a look how things are progressing.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

There could be a retro comeback because of the kitsch factor."
~ Tom Ryan


  1. Everything looks so cute! And yes, I am SO jonesin' for spring. Today's weather didn't do much to help the spring fever...I think it got up to 80 today!

  2. you are looking like you are desperately in want of spring fever

  3. I love the pink bedroom. I bet the girlies will love it too!

  4. THERE IS ONLY 36 DAYS UNTIL SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Weezie in Alberta, Canada

  5. That was fun...I really enjoyed looking at your pictures....everything looks great. I just got my Country Living magazine today. I have a terrible case of spring will be awhile though--with all this snow! I always plan my gardens now and wear out my seed catalogs!!! :)

  6. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVE your table!!! It is so cool!

    Thanks for still following my blog, it is nice to know I wont lose all my friends with the move :-D