Thursday, March 12, 2009

28 years ago

28 years ago this sweet boy was born.
He instantly stole my heart
and has it to this day.
I never want it back.
He can keep it forever.
Because, Bry.... I love you Forever Baby.

Happy 28th Birthday, Sweetie!

Mom (and Farmer-Dad)

and here is he now:


  1. What a cutie of a boy you had (I guess you still have one...but me being a married gal and all will refuse to comment - except on GH. That's a cool game! Do you play?)

  2. And he being a married man, it's probably better you don' ;o)
    I don't play GH. He got it for Cmas from his family.

  3. ahhh, big baby boys are sweet.

  4. What a lovely son and handsome man, you must be very proud. What a blessing, enjoy him all your days.