Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vintage is where it's at! Photos and new blog recommendation.

Someone thinks my front porch is still her domain. Even after 14 months of it being solely mine.

A week ago my BFF & I went to the local Flea Market & Antique Show in the city. Just a fun afternoon together. I really didn't think I'd come home with very much. Ha! Was I wrong!

Would you like to see what I found?

Ok, you saw this pretty in my last post. It's hanging on my banister to welcome in Spring. It was my second find of the day and I paid $5.

This was my first find. (sorry the lighting is a bit off) A child's ironing board for the girlies' room upstairs. $17

The following were all at the same booth (except for one piece that I haven't take a photo of yet. It's up in the garage.)

A child's card table. It has a bit of damage on one corner & the top needs to be glued on the stand. Farmer-dear said I could take it to some friends who own an upholstery business and have it redone. We'll use some adhesive to join the two parts. Again, for the girlies. (Need to find matching folding chairs now.) $5

This is what stopped us in our tracks on the outside of this large booth. These cute vintage grocery boxes. I went for the red ones and my BFF went for the greens. I should have had my camera to take photos of hers. She found the cutest egg carton and cracker tin. $8 total

Isnt' this the cutest little stool? Repainted of course, but I love red, so it was love at first sight. Very sturdy and just the thing to add a punch of color in my vintage back porch. $10

Yes! That corner cupboard! It won't stay in this corner but it works there for now.

I love that serpentine detail.

And it has it's original hardware. Since I was getting so much from the seller, I talked him down from $75 to $50. It was $90 originally.

And the final item is a vintage tin garden cart, painted green & yellow. $20.

While talking to the seller & his associates we found he has 2 booths at area antique malls and has garage sales throughout the summer. There were 4 metal picnic baskets I would have loved to get but I spent the last of my money (except for $1) buying the above. He said the items that did not sell would go on the garage sales. There was a vintage red electric clock (small damage) and more tins/grocery boxes and some aprons & table clothes I wanted.
And I found out his associate is a shirt-tail cousin to my Farmer-dear. How fun!

I can't wait to go antiquing again, but I doubt I'll find bargains like this. I'm sure my Farmer hopes I don't. He has to help me get them all in the house. lol


And now for that new blog recommendation. OMG! Girls (& guys), if you love vintage and the 1950s, you have to subscribe to 1955sGal's blog!
(My Year 1955)

This 30s-something lady is living in 1955 for a year. Wearing the styles, make-up, reading & watching only those books, magazines and tv shows. Listening to the radio of that era. (Thank goodness for ebay, dvds, cds.) She is using vintage appliances and recipes. And she is commenting on the "current" events of the day.
You know I love the 1930s and 1940s vintage farm house style, but there is no way I could go back to no electricity, heating & cooking with cobs, wearing a girdle everyday!
I've washed our clothes with a wringer washing machine and I still use my clothes line. I've made butter and I make bread. I've helped with butchering (ok, it was a deer) and I still have a vegetable garden. I could wear simple housedresses. I may need to find a pattern for those and work on that this summer. It would have to be cooler than demin.

I've enjoyed reading our Mrs1955's cooking adventures. She has been making desserts for her dh to take in his lunch and bacon & eggs for breakfast. While I am not a good wife and make my DFarmer breakfast before he heads off to his off-the-farm job; I am inspired to do more vintage style baking & cooking.
Matter of fact, I made a cake, from scratch, yesterday since I had the oven going, baking bread. It is a Swiss Banana Cake from one of the Pillsbury Grand National Contest recipe books. I didn't make the frosting it recommended as we're not big frosting people. I think I'll make up a sauce from yogurt & Cool Whip and slice a banana on top of that. Farmer-dear is not impressed with it so it may go untopped to work with him tomorrow.

Go take a look at the 1955 blog and encourage her in her journey. Maybe some of my readers have memories of those years.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Remember if everyone else is an hour ahead of you, you forgot to "Spring Ahead"! (not that I would know anything about that-- it's Farmer-dear's responsibility to change the alarm clock. lol)

I'm off to sew some quilt blocks.

** "Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends."
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


  1. Wow! You find the neatest items. The antique stores around here don't carry anything close to that stuff.

  2. Even though I had a wonderful weekend babysitting, I'm sad to have missed the sale. You found some treasures, to be sure! :o)