Friday, May 1, 2009

Pink fridge, Sugar Pie Farmhouse, Friends and Kolaches!

Hmmm.... that titles makes you wonder if the Farmer's Wife has been sippin' the cooking wine again, right?

Nope, (if anything the very occasional margarita, which was very good and strong and I could have drank a pitcherful, it was that good, but I do have a little self-control and didn't want to be pour back into the car, nor pay for a pitcher. I"m a cheap date.)

Anyway....where was I? Oh yeah.... what's been going on, down on the Prairie Farm. Lots of corn planting, which is now done for 2009! WHEEEEeeeee~~

I've been spending some time with friends. THAT has been wonderful!! BFF and I spent a misty, drizzly morning at an estate auction. I'd show you my buys but iPhoto is being a pain this morning. The list is 2 vintage quilts, a red metal wind-up kitchen clock, some old radio station programming guides, a cottage-themed advertising print and a 70s crockpot-like new, in the box, never used!! There were other things I wanted, but the auctioneers used 2 rings (HATE THAT!) and then it was getting colder and wetter and do I really need another old sewing machine? (NO! says the Farmer)
So we headed over to a very bizare antique mall where I my favorite flea market seller has a booth. Todd, bless him, has a way with display. There I found a vintage RED cake taker. Oh joy! It is lovely. I also found a 1949 Singer sewing book. Now maybe I can figure out how to use all those bits and bobbles that came with my Singers.
Then on to my BFF's kind of antique store... oak furniture and clean and organized. I know I saw things there I liked, but can't remember what they were. It was fun, but I like the thrill of the hunt too.

This week I met up with an dear friend who moved an hour away many years ago. (Why do all my best friends move away? Is it me? I shower daily, really!) She brought along one of her dds and her precious dgd and we had fun shopping and talking and more talking and laughing and hugging. It was like time had not passed for us, except now there is this precious Delaney in the family and 2 dsils and very soon a ddil.
We can't wait to get the guys together and really sit and talk.

Today... TODAY, I am meeting up with a dear friend from my on-line quilt group. (waving at Mattie) She & her dh are on their way home from a quilt gathering and chose to take I-80 home. We'll try to fit in some quilt shop shopping, and then back to the farm for dinner. I wish we could have a little more time so we could spend an afternoon sewing, but they want to get home too.

We have Lots of fun family & friend times coming up. Some are still in the planning stages in my mind but some are on the calendar with the invitation on the fridge. 80th bdays, graduations, weddings, another visit from 2 other quilting friends, the girlies' visit! and that's just May and June!

So while I may be busy and only swooping in here every once in a while, I will be back again. Hopefully next time with photos.

And if you are wondering, the garden is struggling to grow, except for those potatoes. :o[ Thats the only reason I put in a garden, was for the potatoes. They better grow.
The elderberry bushes have been planted. And I've "hired" a certain Farmer and his front end loader for mulch moving so I can plant my butterfly bushes and work on the flower bed east of the porch.

Shoot... time to skedadle and I haven't told you about the pink fridge, SPFH or the kolaches....

Go HERE for the newly designed and so much fun Sugar Pie Farmhouse Blog and Forum. Aunt Ruthie is a sweetie and I love her decor and her spirit.

Kolaches-- made some this week. And ate some. YUM!~ Sorry you all can't come over for a cuppa and have one with me. Someday, right?

Pink fridge-- there is one discarded at my local appliance repair shop. A 50s model from what I could see driving by. I'm going to stop today and either take a photo and maybe ask if I could have it. (Oh my poor Farmer!) I told him about it and it would be the sweetest little thing to store things in my vintage back porch. If we gutted the motor and insulation it wouldn't be too heavy, right? Ok, maybe just a photo then. LOL

Ok, NOW I must get going. My bosses at the magazine will be new grandparents again by this evening. Welcome Grandson H!! Congrats to B & M and big sis J. Congrats to Grandpa & Grandma too. :oD



  1. Hi~glad to see you! It's been awhile. Wow you are done planting--that's great news. We are still really, really wet so it will be a late planting year that is for sure. Hope you can stop by and visit me. Oh and send me a kolache would ya?? What kind did you make?


  2. What, no kolache recipe and pictures? Next time?

  3. well, done planting corn anyway. Soybeans next week.
    The kolaches are basically gone now. Enough for our SS class. I made poppyseed, prune, cherry, apricot and mixed nut.

    I'll make more, come on down. ;o)