Friday, June 19, 2009

Too Busy Having Fun

At least I hope you haven't all forgotten about me.... it's been awhile. Sorry.

We've planted and cut hay ("we" used in the loosest of senses of course-- I don't "do" tractors or field work.).

We've mowed and mowed and mowed and MOWED! ("We" here, used in the royal sense until this past week. Farmer-man has not forgotten how to use the little Mean Green Machine.)

We've been favoring and taking care of a potential cracked ankle. (NOT Mine!) It's like nailing Jello to the wall to keep him off it. >:o[

We've weeded and weeded and more weeding and it keeps raining so "We'll" keep weeding!

We've been harvesting leaf lettuce and spinach and Swiss Chard and basil and onions. The spinach is ready to bolt in the upcoming heatwave. But I have red Swiss Chard to plant which will compliment the white that is looking lush and green now. The lettuce is threating to over-take us.
We mulched the potatoes. They are BEAUTIFUL! The tomatoes and squash are blooming. One of the peppers is dying from the top, down; so I'll be buying a bigger one today to replace it.

We've started the upstairs guest room renovations. It looks pretty and pink and Princess-worthy!

And.... We are living in the land of 3-year-olds until the 29th! Lots of pink in our lives. Lots of Sprout Network. Lots of coloring and stickers and playing with the Sesame Street little people house and having parades with the musical instruments. (The drummer gets to wear the leader's hat.)

Today the Lincoln Children's Zoo is the plan, and Pappo-Farmer wants to take the girlies shopping (he's such a push-over for pink).

Next week is VBS at our church and Grammie has started sewing some outfits and the Girlies started painting some muslin for quilt blocks.

Now if they could just bottle some of that 3-yo energy for grammies and pappos.

Will be back asap,

** "If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I'd have had them first." ~Lois Wyse


  1. It sounds like you lead a very busy life. We have a lot of interests in common. It also sounds like I could learn some things from your blog. I'll be back. Linda

  2. Well sounds like you are having a very enjoyable summer! Good for you! Busy here with kids and farm stuff! ;) I know you understand what I am talking about! Have a sweet weekend and try to stop over soon!

  3. You make me tired just reading this. I should get you to come and take MY hubby shopping for s suit. He has a sport jacked that's.......well........old but can't be bothered to replace it.

  4. Hey there! I'm sorry I just got to this. Bloglines has been messing up a lot lately. Your grandbabies look adorable :)