Friday, August 28, 2009

Why I shop at Thrift Stores and other frugal ways

If you've read PQ&K for a while, you know I LOVE the hunt of thrift stores, flea markets and antique malls. You just never know what you might find.

I recently took a gander around our local "antique shop" to see what they had. I found a large square-round jar that almost matches my coffee pod jar (also a thrift store find). With the recent mouse-in-the-pantry drama, I'm watching for large jars to house my dry goods.

I also found a 8" square glass cake pan. I first looked at the 9x13", thinking I needed a second one for when my blue glass pan is in use.
But then I remembered, I'm trying to cut down my cooking & baking to our 2-person household. The 8" size will make more than enough for us for a meal and some leftovers.

Neither of these items are antiques. But they were inexpensive and that's why I shop these kinds of places.

I plan to go back to that store on Monday. I looked at a 12-14" cast iron skillet but didn't get it that day. The clerk assured me that she would make me a good deal if I came back for it soon. I know it'll be too big for just us most of the time, but sometimes my 10" cast iron is too small.

Also, I had looked at a vintage citrus juicer. Very 1950s. Today as I hand-squeezed orange juice for the muffins I made, I wished I had gotten that juicer.

And then in the back was a Senseo coffee maker similar to mine. It has been used and not cleaned very well, but looks to be complete. I think I'll pick it up for a friend and if she doesn't want it, I'll keep it for a spare or give it to ddil.

I keep hoping I'll find a Zo bread maker there or at least the pan, like mine.

At my favorite thrift store I got in on the end of their "All Clothing 1/2 off Sale". I got a pair of shorts and a top for me and 2 pairs of shorts for the girlies.
I also found a newer book I've read before and enjoyed.
And 2 sets of hangers for 50¢ each. One set is the plastic tubular ones that I'll donate to our church's costume closet and the other were nice plastic pants hangers for F-d's dress slacks.
I also found a few more vintage refrigerator dishes that I've been using in F-d's lunch and for storing food in the fridge. I'm becoming less comfortable with using plastic for reheating.

My favorite online nursery has day lilies on sale every July. I purchased their pink/red collection plus another large rooting of another pink variety. With the new borders put in this spring, I have some empty areas that need some color. These, along with the unhappy lilies from the back of the house, should fill it all in nicely.

Grocery / household savings:
49¢ Powerade for F-d;
25¢ tomato sauce;
50¢ packages of Ziplock bags;
$3 12-packs of soda;
99¢ per lb nectarines.

Discount store:
$1 Crayola markers;
$1 Bic pens;
79¢ wooden pencils
and $1-off coupon on Advil which was on sale as well.

At the second store I should have picked up the Coffee grinder/maker for a wedding gift and I'm struggling with not getting the AeroGarden for $80. I know they will be more come Cmas time! Not that anyone I know wants an AeroGarden, besides me of course. And do I really have the room for it? No. This is a case of "It is not a bargain just because it's clearance priced, if you don't need it." I will check out the gift lists for the weddings we have coming up and see if anyone wanted one or the coffee maker.

It's Saturday and we may have company this evening, so I'm off to do some cleaning and laundry and be available if Farmer-dear needs my input on the new feed bunk construction.


** "Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end.
It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing;
it's when you've had everything to do, and you've done it."
~ Margaret Thatcher

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  1. I love to shop around thrift stores too for little treasures. I need to look up here for some more day lilies. I wish I lived closer, we could exchange plants :)