Friday, December 11, 2009

Do they celebrate Christmas in China?

Here is our tree for this year. It's new and tall-er and LED-lit.

I'm slowly getting the decorations up. Actually I'm done except a few of the snow village pieces in the hutch and bookcase. Hopefully this weekend.

I've been scarce around here I know. Things got busy at the Green office right before Thanksgiving and it's just gotten worse/better (depending on your point of view.)

And then we had this little blizzard this week. You may have heard about that. Snow (14" here on the Prairie Farm), wind (45 mph gusts), cold (-20 wind chills and highs in the single digits and teens). We were snowed in for a day and a half with drifts over the road up to the truck windows.
And yet it had a beauty...

And through it all... the busyness, the cold weather, the slippery streets, the snow, the crazy phones at the office, the pressure to "make" Christmas.... through all that, I'm reminded that there is a beautiful, calm, peaceful, Holiness to contemplate.


PS China stopped in to read my blog! *see sidebar* I'm so glad you did. Please come again.

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