Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas, post-Christmas Blizzard 2009

I finally have enough band-width to say

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my dear readers.

Unfortunately my internet is sporadic at best yet, so no photos until later.

In a nutshell, freezing drizzle & rain on Wednesday, icy and then the snow started on Friday (Christmas Eve) which turned on full-force with wind overnight. We lost power for good around 4 a.m Christmas Day. It was a chilly morning as the guys (F-R and ds2) attempted to start the generator and then started the kerosene heater.
It was quiet while we opened gifts, but we were warm. We had a cold sandwich Christmas Dinner but we had hot drinks as I could heat water on top of the heater. The guys slept after their ventures out in the frozen wasteland. I stayed awake so we wouldn't succumb to carbon monoxide (You never know!)
We phoned our neighbors around to make sure everyone had some kind of heat. We would have had to really work to get to them, but would have made the effort if needed.
Finally around 3:30 p.m., the power came back on. Schwoo~~~ (Thank you again SCPPD workers!!!)
We had some off and on blinks while the power company continued to repair lines but at least we could cook our Christmas meal, run the furnace, run water and have music/tv on.
We were fine for those 10 hours but it really made us appreciate again how much we rely on electricity.
The word around the neighborhood now is that everyone is getting a generator that run off the tractor PTO. Sounds like a plan to me. And when we redo the kitchen I Am putting in a gas range. At least then we will be able to cook a hot meal.

Today was spent shoveling out as much as we could. Farmer-dear dug out the driveway and up by the shop & garage. Ds2 & I scooped out the walk through a hip-high drift. Farmer-dear then got a call to help a neighbor who lives in town but has cattle just the next place east. Off he went to dig out the drive and check the house, cattle. On to the last neighbors' to the east. On the way he found a pickup, high-centered in the road, with it's tires 2 ft off the surface of the road, on top of the drifts, stuck. No one was in it or around so we hope whoever it was, found a warm spot to wait out the storm.

After 3 hours he had the neighborhood dug out, but we are not going anywhere past our one mile little cleared road. There is a 5ft deep and 70 ft long drift up the hill to the west and who knows what past the neighbors' to the east. We'll just wait for the snowplow. And from what we hear on the news, Interstate 80 is still closed both east and west bound and the state highways nearby. Not to mention our gravel roads still have a sheet of thick ice under the snow.

But it's ok, we have power now, plenty of food, entertainment. We can stay put for several days yet. Ds2 is going a bit stir-crazy but that's to be expected if you are 25 yo and stuck on the farm with the old folks.

And as the Whos in Whoville know, Christmas came even without all the special effects-- the music, lights and meal.

Thank you Lord Jesus for leaving Your Heavenly Throne to come to this sinful world, for taking on human flesh, in order that we could see God face-t0-face and come to know You.

** "The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:
the presence of a
happy family all wrapped up in each other."
~Burton Hillis~

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  1. Just make sure your new gas range doesn't have an electronic ignitor... I had a gas stove and it was no good to me when the power went out..UNLESS someone forgot to tell me how to light it manually. I was just told when I bought it that I couldn't use it during a power outage.. BUT I had my woodstove heater with a flat surface so I could cook food and stay warm. How I miss the farm for that reason!!
    Weezie in Alberta, Canada