Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tis the Season of Snud

Remember the big snow drifts we had over our road?

Well, in the past weeks the county has hired a bull dozer to move the huge mounds of snow way into the drifts and beyond. In the process of widening and opening the roads, the dozer really chewed up the roads.

And now with the fog, moisture, thawing and refreezing every day, mixing with the slush/snow left on the gravel roads, we had Snud (snow + mud). And Ruts! Big ruts! Deep Ruts! To the point of having to rethink our route to the highway. As of this evening, we have one, maybe two options that are not too bad . . . yet.

With the deep snud and ruts, this means Farmer-dear and I will be driving into town together again. If ever there was a year to have a 4-wd or all-wd vehicle, This is it!

And to liven things up a bit, more drizzle, fog, frizzle, rain, snow and 40° (can you say melting!) temps, all in the forecast for the weekend.

They say mud is good for the skin, but what about car exteriors??

If I disappear into a sink-hole, just remember, I loved you first!


** "I know that, all my life, I've been going around in a fog.
You're just a bunch of molecules until you know who you are."

~ Cary Grant


  1. and to think we go out searching for rutty tracks and bog holes to play in with our 4x4! lol.
    The weather here is muggy, but the wind is picking up, a change is coming.

    I havent washed my car in months, everytime I go to wash it, it rains!! so its covered in a protective layer of gunge... mud would do the same lol

  2. snud--frozen muddy ruts you break parts of your vehicle on. And you bounce clear to ceiling of your vehicle. Don't get high centered!