Sunday, February 7, 2010

A little homeschool memory trip

Back in our homeschooling days, there were days like this:

"...this is why i could never in a million years home school. because i would teach things like be kind, because karma can really mess with your stomach. and support other women...because if she's doing well, we're all doing well. don't be judgy, especially about tattoos. capital letters are unfriendly. too many ellipses are like bad'll feel it the next day. and sequins were made for sunshine. as for states? they're awesome. you should visit some. ugh."

(from this website)

Just like correct spelling... I'm all for it, if it comes naturally. At least some of the time. And there is nothing wrong with phonetically spelling. That's why computers come with spell-check.

But now we're done homeschooling by many years and both the boys are grown men, living productive lives and being useful members of society. I'm proud of them. They can even converse with other people and have never been socially-backwards.

But there are still days when I miss the thrill of learning about the times of moonrise or the calm hour of a read-aloud book or the frustration of multiplication drills. They were some of the best days.

(I'm blog crawling today and enjoying lots of new blogs. In case you were wondering....)

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