Saturday, August 14, 2010

The canning continues and other frugal ways

Just a quick update here Puffins....

For the record, 8 small jelly jars and 2 pint jars of Hot Pepper Jelly.  I stopped in my Favorite Thrift Store yesterday because I WON a very cute green vase in the silent auction (photo soon) and you know I can't just buzz in, pay and leave.  I had to look around a bit.  I found a red sleeveless top, like new; a feed sack piece of fabric with pink and blue flowers-Cute! (photo soon) and a hard-back edition of Little House on the Prairie (collecting those for read-alouds with the grand-girlies).  And at the checkout was a box of nice cucumbers for slicing and some jalepeno peppers.  I just bemoaning to myself that I was down to my last small jar of hot pepper jelly and no-one seemed to have any to give away.  (I am trying very hard to not buy much when it is so readily available if I just say I'll take it off 'your' hands.)

I came home with 7 cucumbers for salads and eating fresh and 7 peppers. Six went into the jelly with the 2 remaining green-turning-red bell peppers I had gotten for my relish earlier this week. 

Today should be the turning day of the heat.  Thank Goodness!  I need to mow but it's still too dewy out there, so I am off to use the remaining Colorado peaches and plums in a cobbler  and do some pantry diving to find the ingredients for White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes (ala Vivian) for Sunday School tomorrow. 

I did have to do some shopping this week, but I was happy to save over $15 on storebucks back deals at Walgreens.  And I found some Columbian coffee pods on clearance at the dreaded Walmart in the clearance aisle.  I save $1.20 on each package of 12 and bought all 8 packages.  If I'm stingy and only have one cup a day I can stretch this for over 3 months.  We'll see how I do.  (more on these deals later)

A final frugal report, the evening Farmer-dear and I went to town, I was determined to not spend much.  We did the Wal-greens run and then Menards for a locking doorknob (on sale) (ours on the kitchen door is on it's last leg).  I talked him out of going to the grocery store because I knew I had coupons and sales @ our local Sunmart the next day (Schoolbucks savings-- more on this later) and I also knew we'd end up spending at least $30 because we'd find "bargains" or we'd not know if we needed an item and get it "while we're here."  We have food galore in the freezers and pantry. 

We did need to eat some supper, however.  So again, being frugally-minded, I reminded him I had a coupons for free Limeades at Taco Bell.  It is our "not healthy but frugal" bad habit.  I got a combo meal-main dish, side taco and large drink.  He got 3 ala cart items and the free Limeade.  We split it up and I ate my main dish and the Limeade and he ate my side taco with his 3 selections and used my large drink cup.  Plenty of food (I was stuffed) & drinks for a little over $10 (and we could have kept it under $10 if he'd left off one of his items.) 

How were you frugal this week?  Where do you want to conserve even more?  Comment on it and we'll chat more on saving our hard-gotten money.

I'm off to play in the flour!



  1. If you haven't tried the diet cherry limeade at Sonic, do yourself a favor and pick one up -- refreshing & yummy!

    Frugal, well -- here in South Carolina drinks at Sonic are half price between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

  2. Here too, but I'm not usually in the city during those hours. LOVE diet Cherry-Limeade @ Sonic!

  3. I love your frugal ideas, Kay! I'm making my own vanilla. I got a great deal on ebay for my beans and the vodka was on sale. Next I'm going to go thrift shopping for cute bottles to put it in for Christmas gifts. (And I'm keeping some for myself!)