Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do you snoop in bookcases?

I can't be the only one who has to look closely at someone's bookcase(s) or click on a blog photo to enlarge and see what someone has on the shelves.  You learn so much about someone by the books they keep around them. 

This photo (right) is my "To Read" stack.  You might notice a few still have the stickers from the thrift store on them.
The red book at the top of the right-hand stack is my latest accusition.  I love the old movie "State Fair" and just found out over the weekend that it is based on the book by Phil Strong.  I found it used on Amazon and you know I have gift cards from my Swagbucks searching, just burning a hole in "my pocket."

"Nella Last's War" is another recent Amazon buy.  If you love WW II,  British homefront stuff, you may like this book.  At least I'm hoping I do.

You  may spy "Little House on the Prairie" that I wrote about getting a few days ago.  It's been quite a while since I read about Laura, Mary, Ma & Pa.

This is my stack to go back to the library.  I didn't get "Mr. Darcy's Daughters" read, but all the rest were easy, summer-time reads.
Right now I have an inter-library loan book to start (& finish asap), entitled, "Where In the World Is the Church  A Christian View of Culture and Your Role In It" .  This is not exactly fluff reading but I saw it mentioned "somewhere" and wondered how it will stack up to my point of view.  I'll try to give a review of it when I finish.

And finally, my more favorite cookbooks in the kitchen.  I have my old Betty Crocker cookbook in the pantry along with a few Cooking Light annual editions, my canning and preserving cookbooks, a few more local church cookbooks and my bound versions of Cook's Illustrated.

The black comb-bound book is my much-loved (& used) Kitchen Klatter cookbook.  I miss that radio program.  I was on the tail-end of it's existence and listened to it during the early part of my married life.  And then it abruptly ended, along with the magazine.  I always wondered if there was a hostile takeover of the company or someone unexpectedly died or what? 
I love that my KK cookbook is filled with all those old-timey recipes.  The ones your Grandma made.  (No Basil Foam over Sea Squid Pasta found here.  lol)

The Mennonite cookbook is a bit worn.  Another basic recipe and helpful tips/hints in this one.
Several baking & bread cookbooks because I love to made bread.
And 2 Prairie/Farm inspirational cookbooks.  I do love PW's recipes and the PC's style.

So there you have it.  The varied places my reading takes me.  Now you  know why my mind is such a cluttered place.  I need a better filing system.  More often than not, it's like a ream of paper blown about in a tornado.  You never know what will surface.

So, Puffins... are you bookcase peeping-toms too?  Or do you have a good book you've been reading, you'd like to share?  I'm interested.


** "Other women have shoe addictions; I wear cheap sandals and buy books." ~~Jenna Glatzer


  1. I absolutely "snoop". I think that's one big reason people have bookcases -- to show off their libraries. So I see a bookcase as an invitation to browse! 8-)

  2. I love to see what people have on their shelves and nightstands. I also enjoy looking closely at the knick knacks they have lying around which might give some insight to their personality and interests.

    Okay, I'm puzzled as to why you'd hate to admit having the PW cookbook. I know not everyone digs her, but she is a genuinely nice person. There's nothing wrong with being intersted in her cookbook even if you're not into her or her blog so much. Here's my take on the cookbook. The recipes are not fancy or challenging or even new in some cases, but I wish every cookbook was like this one. If I'm going to cook a new recipe, it is pretty much a requirement that I see a picture of it first. Visuals are important to me, and it is also very helpful to have photos of the steps if I'm not so sure about what the instructions are asking. Plus, I love all the extra photos and stories about ranch life and all the wonderful color. I wish all cookbooks were so visually appealing. After reading Julie and Julia and My Life in France last year, I had a look at Julia Child's cookbook. It was rather intimidating to me, although her goal was to make French cooking accessible for anyone. The simple line drawings were not enough, particularly when the food and steps involved in preparation were so foreign to me.

    Wow, I've already gone on and on and haven't even listed any books on my shelf. You can see what I've been reading for the past year and a half in the sidebar of my blog. (I think you can scroll through the shelf.) In fact, I'm going to go update that widget now to show the most recent additions. Thanks for sharing your books with us!

  3. I love books! I don't think I will ever buy one of the new "reading devices"---I love being able to hold a book in my hands and turning the pages. I have a couple bookcases in my home and they are both full. I have a stack of books on my dining room table that are waiting for me to finish my current book and begin reading them. I have to say that I read mostly for enjoyment--mostly mysteries and I also have several biographies to read. I have my share of cookbooks too!

  4. @Jenni-- Thanks for your comment. I'm so glad you stopped by for a chat.
    About PW... Maybe I was too harsh in saying I "hate to admit" I have PW's cookbook. I am sure she is a very nice lady. She appears to be. I do not know her in real life, but have read her blog from near the beginning, before she became "famous." I guess I just see a more commercial edge to her blog now. Maybe part of it is her trying to keep her home-life, just that; her home-life? Maybe she has too many irons in the fire? All I know is that I don't feel as connected to her - one prairie chick to another - anymore.
    So, please know, I am not trying to bash her or her cookbook. And I will go edit my post to be a bit more kindly worded. Thanks for that nudge in the right direction. :oD

  5. I love snooping in other's bookcases! I love reading too. I read the Little House books every winter! I have Mr. Darcy's Daughter and haven't read it yet. I have a whole bunch of the P&P knockoff books (I love Austen). I'm usually disappointed in them but I keep reading!


  6. Im a big reader, I had to stop buying books due to their cost and the fact that I dont have enough room for them all. So now I buy alot of second hand books and only series that I really love.
    I can re read books quite happily much to my hubbys amazement, but then he only reads one or two books a year!
    I also have a good cookbook collection and enjoy a good cooking magazine for inspiration.
    Im slowly collecting the elm creek series and am currently re reading diana Gabaldon's books