Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Blue Chair

 We'll just keep that spot of paint on the picnic table our little secret, ok?  Blue-eyed Farmer was not keen on my using the table as a painting station as it was.  Opps....  sorry Honey!

I started painting the final wicker chair yesterday.  I've given up on the loveseat.  It is in really, really bad shape and I would hate to have some unsuspecting guest fall through when sitting on it.  So it'll be hotdog roasting fodder sometime soon.  Ya'll Come!
And yes all of my wicker is frayed and shabby looking.  Hey!  I have yard/barn cats who do not understand that there is a whole farm of wood/trees/posts/etc... to sharpen their claws on...... just like they can't figure out that my lawn is NOT a litter box and they could use our entire 80 acres for a bathroom... just leave my lawn alone!!   

Oh sorry... what were we talking about??  Oh yes, my chairs... they are a bit frayed and tattered, but then 2 of them live outside for 3 seasons and this one did until we enclosed the porch.  They've had a hard life, but like all of us, a little "paint" and "color" hides a multitude of imperfections (I know... it's "sins." but I would rather confess my sins than hide them.)
As I was saying... I started painting the last chair.  This is the nicest of the three and obviously not a sibling to the other 2.  I got this at a yard sale long time ago.  It was painted tan once before when I was in denial about my love of color.  (Sorry Neutral Lovers, whose homes are mono-chromatic... it's soooo not me!  Makes me depressed, not calm and mellow.)

Anyway.... It was painted tan and since the other 2 are blue, this one had to be blue too.  It told me so.  What?!   Your furniture, quilts, walls, don't tell you what color they want to be?  That's a shame.  Life is much more fun that way.  And I can't be blamed if something clashes.  It wasn't MY idea...  

So.... even though these three "cousins' don't share the same space, they are now more closely related by color.  I think they harmonize very well, don't you?

I'm looking forward to next spring when I open the shed doors and reveal this surprise of BLUE!  For I know I'll forget I painted them and it'll be "WOW!  Lookie at these!"  My life is made up of these kinds of brain lapses turned into happy blessings!

So... what you are you painting today, Puffins?  Or are you one of those Mono-chromatic lovers... share your reasons/love.  Or maybe you listen to your possessions talk to you too... quilts and fabric seem to be the most talkative... share with us.  :o)

Happy Weekend!!

** "I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors.  I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."  ~Winston Churchill

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  1. This week we're going black...the shelves in the back entry. And next project added to the ever increasing list is to re-do the WASH DRY IRON letters above the laundry area. I was gonna paint, but am thinking hard about decoupage at the moment...
    LOVE your chairs dearie pie. And to think it all started with a picture. Don't you just love it when inspiration strikes and you catch fire?