Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Green, Lavander, Yellow and Wheat, with a Dash of Red-head

My "projects" are done.  :oD   I'll take photos and share them soon.  

And speaking of color... I went a little more Red this time around when updating the ole "Do."  A certain Farmer says he can't see much difference.  Maybe he's color-blind?  I guess he was expecting a Red-headed Stranger in the kitchen last night?   Next time, Baby. 

Be watching the Recipe Blog for "Braised Short Ribs."  If they taste anything like they smell right now, I'll have the recipe up very soon!  

The combine rolls on and on through the beans.  God is blessing us greatly with low moisture on the beans and no break-downs, so far.  The Blue-eyed Farmer took the week off from the factory and it's been so nice to have him here in the morning to do devotions with and eat breakfast and lunch together.  I'll be at our church's Women's Retreat this weekend, so I hope the radiator for the '75 grain truck is ready Soon!  It'll make his life easier.  (He's running with just the '63 and the grain cart now.)
That's the news from the Prairie Farm today.  What's life like in your neck of the woods this week?  Drop me a comment.  


** "Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." ~~George Eliot

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  1. So, are you going to post a picture of your new do? :) I am happy for you all that your bean harvest is running smooth and you have low moiture too! :)

    Our life....hmmmmmm....BUSY! We are combining again after it finally dried off after just about two weeks...we still have flax, soybeans and sunflowers. With three know how that goes with school, church activities ect and I am getting many fall candle orders off of my website PLUS....I am preparing for our big craft show. Add in all of my cooking, cleaning and laundry--and there you have it! Now you know what life is like here on our farm! ;) Oh and THANKS so much for stopping by and for the comment too!!!!