Saturday, September 11, 2010

It was a Simple Pleasures Saturday.

Hi Puffins... how was your Saturday?  I hope you had a great one.  Here on the Prairie it was one of those far-too-few Absolutely Gorgeous Days!  Light breezes, sunshine, a few clouds rolling past, warm and it was Saturday, which is always nice.

After a very nice date-night with my Blue-eyed Farmer, it was nice to have a day to just be here and work.  (Date night?  Menards for chore gloves, garbage bags and 4/$1 reusable shopping bags.  Then Carlos O'Kelly's for nachos and a Gold Margarita.  Oh Yum Baby!)

After a slowish start (gotta have my coffee you know),  I decided I am tired of being tired and of course eating & drinking last night didn't help my outlook of my "Look."  With the pool being put away for the winter, I knew it was time to start a new exercise habit.  Hello Wii Fit!  :oD

It took me 30 mins to get going... with not being sure how to get the tv, satellite and Wii all coordinated, then the balance board had low batteries, the B-e F needed something... (AAAYYYyyyyy), but  once I did, it was great fun (mostly) again.  And I liked that my Wii Fit age is 38 yo.  Yeah baby!
I did a varied routine of some yoga, some strengthening/Pilates, the Hula Hoop game and a 3 min run (not my favorite).  Then I reprogrammed a yoga routine for weekdays when I'll be in more of a hurry.

After a shower, I did laundry, more deeply cleaned the bath (than I usually do), ran the dishwasher, hung out clothes, made lunch, made cookies, did "good" laundry and then I played.

I have 3 wicker chairs and 1 love seat in various stages of falling-apart-ness.  The best one is on my front porch and the rest have been languishing outside for the past few summers.  I finally decided to go with my muse and replicate this chair with what I had.

Here's the before:

And here is after: (they look a little unevenly painted as I ran out of each color.  Another can each and they'll be done.)

Now I need to find another shade of blue for the other two pieces.

I spray painted some smaller items too, but I can't show you or tell you about them just yet.  Soon.... (it's a secret.)

And after all that messy fun, I cleaned up (again) and helped Mr. Farmer with gates as he got hay for the calves.  Then I dug some Yukon Gold potatoes for dinner, pulled a few onions, picked my 2 ripening, volunteer Brandywine tomatoes, and picked some red Swiss Chard.  Grilled some steaks and acorn squash (yes, really... it was yum!).  Nuked the chard.  Cooked the potatoes and we were good as gold.  The Amish sugar cookies were dessert.

And now I'm relaxing with a glass of Merlot and enjoying the quiet breezes coming in the window.  A few blog posts to read and a shower and I'll be sleeping like a baby.

I hope you all are settled in and relaxing too.  And rejoice!  Tomorrow's Sunday!!


** "We have worked at full speed since May. And that is I'm persuaded the root and source and origin of all health and happiness, provided of course that one rides work as a man rides a great horse, in a spirited and independent way; not a drudge, but a man with spurs to his heels." (Writing in her journal about her life as a publisher and writer.)-- Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) English Writer


  1. Nice work on the chair...I need a wee fitt too;)

  2. OK, I LOVE your chairs!

    For the other two, how about a very pale blue, and then a tealy-30s green?

    But you knew I'd suggest green, didn't you?

  3. Always wondered about the Wii fit - my boys are encouraging of it...well, maybe they just want a Wii. ?? Sounds like fun!