Friday, October 22, 2010

Harvest of Friends

The Real American Occupation.... Farming

Sorry about that little hiatus.... all of a sudden life got B.u.s.y for me. 

Blue-eyed Farmer finished harvest last Friday, cutting those last 10 acres of beans off the 80.  On Thursday, we enjoyed several hours with our Pastor Aaron and the children.  Miss Melanie had to work at her big-girl job. :(

 Here are a few photos of our fun together:

The Two Blue-eyed Farmers, Big and Little, talking about corn.

Pastor Aaron getting last minute instructions before driving the 75.

Little Blue-eyes, resting, after all the hard work of riding in the combine.

Blue-eyed Farmer, Pastor Aaron and Princess ME, waving for the camera.

We are very blessed with the harvest God has given us.  The prices are up (unusual for harvest time) and the yields were more than "enough."  We had few breakdowns and even now have the combine monitor fixed for next year.  The combine has had a "bath" and is ready for it's long nap.  The trucks are stored away in the shed we rent at the neighbors and all the other implements are situated "just right" for the winter months.  

We are ready to finish up some Autumn projects and get snuggled in for the winter.

More soon.... until then... CALGONE... take me away~~~


** "If you want work well done, select a busy (wo)man - the other kind has no time."  ~Elbert Hubbard

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