Saturday, October 30, 2010

Old Friends and Vintage Textiles

Happy Last Weekend of October, Puffins!  Have you eaten all the candy you bought on sale yet?  LOL

Sorry I was so quiet this week.  Life got in the way and I have too many posts in my head, that they just got all tangled up and I couldn't get a solidified thought written here.  But today I worked at filing some farm receipts and organized my closet and that seemed to shake out the fuzzies in my brain.

Here's what's been going on in my world....

Last Saturday, my Bff (Old Friends) and I had to have some quality "Girl Time" and went to the quarterly Antique Sale and Flea Market.  Our Farmers do not appreciate the thrill of the hunt at these kinds of events, so we left them home to combine and make fence, etc...

At past sales and on excursions to the local "Antique" Malls, we have always hunted up our favorite dealer, Todd H.  The man has an eye for the detail and knows how to "stage" a booth.  This time was no different.  We've learned to look over the other booths for his stacks of goodies on taller hutches and cupboards.  And we found him wayyyyy in the back of the building in a booth of indescribable delight!  Sweet stacks of vintage goodness and such intriguing vignettes, that it was almost painful to disturb them, but yet one wanted to handle and stroke and gaze upon all the lovelies.  He had porch posts (so do I!)  and a white Hoosier (I have an oak one.)  and railroad dishes (my newest passion!) and more red painted and white painted furniture and some rusty-crusty wire baskets and galvanized goodies and vintage fabric and some pink sweetness and farmhouse chic. 

Lawd, I love Todd! 

And he always makes us deals.  And on the first day of the sale, no less! just a few hours in. 
(A few rows over, there was a very sour dealer who complained to us that she was ready to pack it up and leave. No one was buying, everyone wanted a reduced price and it was not worth it!  Well, "honey"..... a few words to the "wise".... A.  You were sitting on your behind like a slug, kvetching about everything-- who wants to buy from someone like that?!  B. Your prices were HIGH!   C.  You just said you didn't want to deal on anything and yet everyone else we bought from or even just looked in their booth, was very willing to take off at least 10%.  Do the math, sweetheart.  And D.  It was a Nebraska Football Saturday with the game on TV... the "crowds" were home watching the game.  Know your customer base.)

Last year I got that red & white corner cupboard from Todd, some vintage food packaging and the "John Deere" colored garden cart.  This year I found a vintage tablecloth, some framed pictures, a wire display "thingie" and some burgundy and white plates.  

I also got a new "vintage" child's red chair (not sure this is really "vintage" but it's cute) for upcoming dgd3 from another dealer; a chenille bedspread and 4 vintage aprons. 
Bff got an old school house table and chairs, preschool-sized for her dgs.  She found 2 framed pictures, a bowl and I talked her into an old grain screen for hanging on her wall.  I am kind of regretting letting that go....  lol.  She's not sure of where to hang it, so it may come home to me yet.    

I know..... if you are like me, you are saying, "Enough with the chatter... show us the photos already!"  I ducked out to the clothesline with the textiles as the sun was setting and the breeze was blowing, so excuse the quality.  I was losing the light, I just had to take them as they were.

Without further adieu.... 

Sweet pink, blue, green and yellow chenille bedspread for the girlies' room.  Only $27!  (one little frayed spot)

Some detail of the colored parts of the spread.

A beautiful grey, white, green and red geranium tablecloth.  It needs a little soaking in Oyxclean.  I couldn't leave it... Oh How it Sings to me!  I love it! (marked $10, but I think I paid less- from Todd)

Sweet, sweet, sweet vintage aprons, this one with rickrack! I paid $3 for all four! 

See!  Red Rickrack!!  Love the pocket detail and the flowered fabric.

A blue gingham apron with sweet cross-stitching to "fancy" it up.

The cross-stitch detail.

More rickrack!  On a pretty sheer party apron. 

Next time I'll show you the framed pictures.   There is a watercolor of a river and road that is sitting on my desk right now, that I absolutely love!   Also a cottage garden print full of color and flowers (LOVE) and an old black & white farmhouse photo, that could almost be the Prairie Farmhouse.   The frame is gaudy (Bff loved it... we are such opposites!  lol), but maybe it would be ok painted black.  I'll show you soon and you can give me some input.
And I think I owe you all, photos of some older vintage finds.... a wire table comes to mind and a wire flower pot holder and some sweet new dishes.  LuRay pastels and such.

Opps there goes the dryer buzzer...  Be sure to leave me a note below on any new vintage sweetness you have found lately, or tell me how Vintage is just not your thing....  :o)


** "It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. hmmmm, railroad dishes....???? do you have some? when is the next sale? i think i'll run away and come see you!!! p. in colorado

  2. You did score with the textiles. I'm a BIG geranium nut (tango red and scented varieties). The tablecloth is ooolalah! And the girls bedspread is beautiful.

    If you like to sew and have some extra fabric, I just got a deal at the Butterick website on a pattern for historical aprons .. and historical nightgowns ... about 2 bucks each :)

  3. Tell me about this quarterly Antique Sale and Flea Market. I assume in Lincoln? I need to get out more... :o)

  4. PbyP-- LOL at your last "delete!" comment. I don't have any RR dishes yet, but saw several dealers had them at this sale. Love them! I'll LYK when the next sale is.

    Mrs. Mac-- Geraniums, me too! Nothing quite says "Vintage" to me like geraniums. (more so than roses)
    And I'll check out the Butterrick website. Thanks!

    Tammy- Yes, Lincoln at the Event Center. It was advertised for a few weeks prior in the LJS. I'll try to remember to tell you too, when the next one is.