Monday, November 8, 2010

A successful Antiquing Trip and LAST DAY to signup for the giveaway!

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this fine Monday morning.  **boos and hisses fill the air**

Yeah, me too....  lol  Here's some coffee and a few leftover donuts to help wake you up.  

Just wanted to remind everyone that TODAY is the last day to sign up for my 4th Blog Birthday Give-away of a "significant" Amazon Gift card.  (I've been busy.... I'll announce the denomination soon... promise...)
Remember to comment on any post between Nov. 2nd and this one, before 11:59 p.m. tonight.  Tomorrow I'll let one of the cow select a name.... Just Kidding!  lol  I'll have the Blue-eyed Farmer pick a number and I will send that person an email.  I was planning to send this out by snailmail, but since my internet has been wonky more often than not this past week, I haven't felt comfortable getting on the site I use to obtain my gift cards.

SO.... Today, if you comment, tell me if you want a physical Amazon Gift Card or if a ecard is ok.  I'm fine with doing it either way.
And remember, You can't Win if you don't comment!! 

With that official business out of the way, let give a brief account of yesterday's activities. 
We awoke before the dawn (thank goodness for the end of Daylight Savings Time and that extra hour of sleep!) to pick up Bff and dh and headed off on a day-long Antiquing Adventure.  
(Yes, our men love us very much.... lol)

First, we stopped in a small town for a wonderful breakfast in a local cafe.  HUGE portions.  And coffee that never stopped coming.  I had a Bacon & Cheese Omelet, hash browns and toast and there was no way I could finish it.  The men had pancakes the size of 12" skillet and bacon.  Bff had french toast.  We were all stuffed to the gills and that meal held us for 11 hours, until we stopped for supper!  I love small town cafes.  Friendly wait staff, good food, not pretentious at all.  Can't say I liked the unisex bathroom....I'll spare you the details of several "interesting" restrooms we endured on the trip.  It was an experience.  lol

We got on our way and the first stop was at some farmer's so Bff-dh could do some hay-selling business, down in Kansas.   That accomplished we made a quick pit-stop for gas and headed south and east to Weston, MO for some boutique and antique buying. 

It was a cute little town, but let's just say, I'm TOTALLY a Prairie Chick (aka Flat-Lander) and driving in & out among the "woods" in the bluffs above the Missouri River is not for me.  I get a bit clausterphobic when I can't see the horizon and those old River Towns, while are part of the prairie history, are not part of my comfort zone.  We strolled around the old part of the town and drove up and D~o~w~n~! the windy, steep streets.  It was interesting, but I was very happy to get back out on the highway and out of the trees and bluffs. 

We then stopped at an Antique Mall and I found another Cottage Picture for my new collection.  Bff didn't find anything that "spoke" to her. 

From there we started up I-29 and tried to decide what we should do.... go eat supper (early!) or find another little town to explore.  We then spied the signs for the Jesse James Antique Mall (told you our dh's love us!  lol)

One part of this mall "The Rusty Chandelier" was boutique booths, new creations with antiques.  Would have been worth a better look if we would have had more than 75 mins. to look around.  Next time!  (Bff did run in during the last 5 mins. and bought an old rusty-crusty tin ceiling tile.  Very nice!)

We had to implement our precision search methods for the antique mall.  No stopping in every booth and very little looking at the "smalls" cases.  There I found a small vintage end table (painted white) that we will use for a bedside table.  It has a cute "V"-shelf for books in the bottom.

I have a Dear-Farmer who spoils me beyond measure.  I found a display of my paternal Grandmother's dishes... "White Rose" by Harker.  It's blue and white cameo ware.  I have several pieces, one original plate from Grandma's set and the rest from Ebay.  One piece I've always wanted, is the pitcher.  When it's complete with the lid, it's always too expensive for me.  I found it at the Jesse James Antique Mall for $45!!!  (great price)  Which is still a little higher than I am comfortable paying for something small like this.  My DFarmer must have seen the excitement on my face and told me to go ahead and get it. (Really?!  Yes, go ahead.  **smile**) 

This is what it looks like, only mine has a different design on it:

And my final "find" was as we were heading down the last aisle.   I also collect vintage red & white crocheted potholders and other kitchen kitschy items.  I was dismayed to see the common potholders selling for $10 in the shops in Weston!  I might pay as much as $3 if they are unusual and fancy. 
In a booth at the Jesse James Antique Mall, I found a crocheted red and white apron!  It might fit a child, smallish, but oh so adorable!!  And the price.... $10!!  (Take that over-priced shops in Weston!)  I have never seen an apron like this before, so you know it sang to me and it came home with me.  lol

As I said, my Farmer loves me and didn't bat an eye when we checked out.  He never complained about the time we took in either antique mall nor did he mind driving all day doing things he really doesn't care to do.  I am very blessed.

Bff found a green stoneware bowl to match a yellow/gold one.  We laugh all the time because we do NOT have the same taste in decor so we can look for one another and we never fight over the same objects.  She is more classic and more Arts & Crafts era, not too girlie, more subdued colors and darker furniture, heavier pieces.  I'm more colorful, flowers, pastoral scenes, painted finishes (sometimes), cottages, lightness, pastel shades, RA Fox prints and such. 

By the time we left the Jesse James Antique Mall (hey!  go there and enjoy the kind folks who manage it.  They were all very nice and helpful and it was clean and fun.), it was dark.... Standard Time has sunset at 5:30 p.m. now.  Oy~

On the interstate again to Rockport, MO were we stopped again for gas and then a great (HUGE again) supper at the steakhouse there... can't remember the name but if you get off at the North Rockport Exit, it's on the West side.  (Ironhorse Grill??)
Baked potato and a HUGE juicy burger.  Stuffed again and missing some vegetables!  lol  (Guess what's for supper tonight?)

We headed to Bff's house and on the way stopped to pick up their anniversary quilt that Bff's dh's mom long-arm quilted for me (for them.)  I will bind it this week and present it to them/her very soon.  It's only 2.5 years late!  She loves me too and understands.  lol  Photos of that after I give it to them so not to spoil the surprise.

We then unloaded their parcels and prizes and said our goodbyes, and headed West to our Farmhouse!  It ended up being a 14.5 hour trip.  Bed felt great!  lol

And today is Monday and going "Green" and I'll be raking leaves and doing laundry this afternoon, while the guys mess with moving a gate and extending the feed bunk.  Life, back to normal.  :o)

I'll be posting the Winner's name tomorrow and the new photos this week.  The quilt is a priority so the photos as I can work them in, ok?

Thanks again to everyone for entering the give-away!  I've loved seeing some new names on the reader roll.  Please don't be shy and comment again. 

Big Hugs!


  1. I wish I could have gone with you (sigh) ain't distance a pain:( I've enjoyed the extra hour but will regret it come spring.

  2. what a trip you were on---I just got back from a few days in Calif. with my mom.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day. Very pretty pitcher, too.

  4. I can relate on needing to see the horizon. Living in the desert for 20 years and then visiting the woods in Virginia .. gave me claustrophobia as well. Now we live in the North Woods of Idaho.. but just the edge and have prairie and mountain views galore .. I'm not sure if I entered this contest yet .. but count me in. I prefer an e-card.

    Have a great day.

  5. What a wonderful day you had! I love taking little trips with my husband. Day trips or overnight---priceless.