Friday, February 25, 2011

Sniffles, Snow and Polkas

I've been noticing a increase in "cabin-fever" around Blog-dom lately.  It seems like it's been an awfully long winter.  I'm not one to wish my life away, but I'm ready for April/May and some warmth and sunshine and green grass....(someone remind me I said that when it comes time to mow again.  lol)

Here on the Prairie Farm, we're at the brink of calving season.  yipee~   >_<   

We're also in the midst of colds/virus/something .  Farmer-dear is feeling better, but still gets puny in the evenings.  I'm self-doctoring with Zicam, garlic, Vit C.  It's moving out slowly.  Unfortunately it went from my chest to my head & sinuses.  

And we are in the midst of a winter weather weekend!  5" of snow yesterday and 1-2" today with more in the forecast through Monday a.m.  I know.. I know... It's still February in Neb.  We've had 13" in April before.  

But to turn this into a happier post.... I went thrifting earlier this week.  I found these 2 cookbooks:

(yes, I took the images from Amazon... too lazy to take the photos or scan them myself.)

I'm a bread-baking girl, and love to make bread with whole-grains. The Laurel's Kitchen book has at least 2 recipes I'm eager to try.
And of course anyone who has read or seen "Julie-Julia" has to have MTAOFC on his/her shelf.  I can't imagine I'll make too many recipes from this one, but it's fun to read the recipes while reading along with Julie Powell's blog.  (warning-- lots of f-bombs in it and Bush-bashing, but an entertaining read.)

I also brought home 2 cassettes... remember those?  (I could have picked up several 8-track tapes but our players have been long gone.  We had a stereo with an 8-track player and one of our vehicles... I think it was our courting car.... Oh the memories... we played Willie Nelson's "Red Headed Stranger" over and over.)

Anyway... used to have a LP (remember Those?) of Sandi Patti's "Morning Like This" and the title song always speaks Easter (Resurrection Sunday) to me. 

I also got this:


with the dance mat for the girlies.  You know I can't go into the thrift store and not look for them.  They don't need any clothes but a fun dance-along dvd might be fun for them.
And the last cassette I got was.... Al Holman and The Polkatoons, #12!  LMHO... Farmer-dear was a bit dismayed.... polkas??   Yes!  Back when I was growing up, the radio station we listened to, used to play polkas on Sundays.  I haven't been to a Czech Wedding Dance in ages, to hear all the old polka tunes and I miss them sometimes.  (does it mean I'm getting old if I am starting to look back fondly on my youth.... oh crud!)

All in all I spent around $13 but I'll get hours of enjoyment from these.   

Hopefully I can share more photos of my quilting projects.  I hope to have BFF's quilt done by Sunday and more progress made on DGD3's.  And I might cut out another caring baby quilt in some brights just for the fun of it.

Stay warm and keep thinking thoughts of Spring and if you've been thrifting lately or like Polka music... leave a comment, telling me about it.


** "Music is what life sounds like."  ~Eric Olson


  1. Woohoo.....sounds like you had yourself a prosperous day!

  2. I would love to have a copy of Julia's book - it's on my perpetual wish list for Chrismtas and birthday gifts. :o) Today I'm making beef bourguignon for supper using her recipe (got it online). Can't wait!