Thursday, March 6, 2014

Eating In, Not Out   Part 2

So how have I been implementing the EINO?   I will admit we bought groceries.  But not alot.  Mostly dairy since I don’t have a dairy herd and it’s too cold to run over to our neighbors, who do.  But that may come with the warmer weather.  Angie has promised to teach me how to make cheese and I already know how to make butter.
Anyway... back to the grocery shopping (do you see why I had to get back to blogging?!  So many words bouncing around in my head!):

We purchased grape tomatoes and avocados and cucumbers for salads; milk and cheese.  Please ignore the industrial size container of Animal Crackers we got.  I have a one-year-old “boy friend” next door to my office and his Momma said Animal Crackers were an acceptable “gift” for when he comes to visit me.  And Farmer likes them.  We’ll be vacuum-sealing them in jars for long-term storage.

While shopping I asked Farmer what he wanted for lunches this week.  It’s been a struggle to pack his lunch when there are no leftovers.  He couldn’t find anything he really wanted at the store. (Victory for home-cooking!)  Since I knew I would be making my lunches, I incorporated making some for him too.  Except he does not like most of what I want for lunch.  Thank goodness for a stocked freezer!

His lunches this week will be:  Bean & Cheese Burritos; Homemade Runzas; Homemade Chili and Homemade Hamballs.

He eats Cheerios for breakfast every morning so that’s covered.

For his suppers, I had some Hamball Mixture leftover from Christmas in the freezer, so I’m making that up today.  There is leftover Pizza from our Friday company meal.  He also likes Chef Salads and we have the needed turkey and cheese for toppings.  (I’ll boil up an egg or two for him also.)  One night is always Breakfast for Supper night so that will be pancakes and sausage.  We will be out-of-town or coming home late afternoon one day so it’s probable we’ll eat out that day or we’ll just do a fast hamburger or quesadilla at home.

Other things I’m making instead of buying:  His morning iced tea (he’s not a coffee person.  Weird, I know!)
I made a loaf of bread on Saturday, so that is covered.  More on my new-to-me Zo in a future post.
Homemade cookies on the counter.

And I’m considering buying local grapes and juicing them and freezing the juice for our morning drink instead of buying the frozen concentrate.  Anyone else do that?

Looking through my pantry and freezers I have plenty of ideas for the next several weeks.  Stay warm and well-fed my Friends.


 "My idea of pure heaven is to spend a day in the kitchen, peeling,
 chopping, and stirring while the words of a good book fill the air
 around me." --Ruth Reichl

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