Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hello Dear Readers,

I'm back, at least for a while.  Lots of thoughts running through my head and no where to let them out.  And I've missing writing.  

So what's new?

On Facebook (hereafter known as FB) yesterday I posted my “Eating IN, not OUT” Challenge.  My annual eating from the pantry challenge.  At least once a year I take a look at ALL THE. FOOD. in my pantry and freezers and wonder how 2 people are going to use all this!  And then I realize how much we eat out... Bad Farm People!  

Not really.  It is allowed that we can eat out, and it’s usually only once or twice a week unless we are really busy and in town Alot.  

I think part of my problem recently is I have been drinking Green Smoothies for supper on weeknights for several weeks, trying to keep from gaining the Winter 15  and in order to get in my veggies.  Doing that has cramped my Creative Cooking Style.  Farmer has been finding his own supper most nights to help me, so I’m not as tempted.  So far it’s working fine.

But... this lady likes to cook!  And with a usual Date Night on Fridays, where we eat out, that only leaves maybe 3 meals for me to get my Julia Child on.

So, I’ve been going through my Pinterest boards for lunches and breakfasts and will be cooking those until Spring finally gets here (-5° this morning with wind chills down to -30°... HAPPY MARCH 2!  )  and I’m back out working in the gardens in the evenings and helping a Farmer with planting and other farm work.   Then I’ll be cooking suppers for 2 again and enjoying every chewable morsel!

The menu for the week of March 2:

Homemade Egg, Turkey Sausage, Gouda Cheese Croissants;
Oatmeal with homemade raisins and pecans;
Homemade Frozen Waffles and Sausage.  
(I do NOT like cold cereal for breakfast!)

Panzanelle (Bread) Salad with Grape Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Avocado, Fresh Mozzarella, Olives and Homemade Italian dressing;
Cheese Tortellini and Tomato Salad with warm Turkey meatballs (also cucumbers, olives and maybe garbanzo beans., mixed with Italian Dressing)
Pasta Ranch Dressing with Veggies (homemade Ranch dressing and whatever Veggies are still around)
Homemade Runzas.

(Only 4 lunches as we have an out-of-town funeral to attend on one day, so I won’t need a workday lunch.)

I’ll be posting more recipes and tips later if time allows.  I’m trying to spare my FB friends and leave these kinds of novels off my Wall there.  Maybe I’ll post the link to my blog... or not.  It’s mostly a release for me.   But I’m glad those of you who are reading, are here.  :)


Ina Garten’s Homemade Croutons (with my variations)

1/2 loaf homemade bread, cut into 1/2” cubes
1-2 garlic cloves
Salt & Pepper

Saute the peeled garlic in the EVOO until just begins to brown.  Remove from pan.  Add bread cubes and saute until toasty and browned, sprinkling with S&P as wanted.

(Kay’s variation:  This needs a whole lot more oil/butter to really get those cubes toasty. I added another 2Tb EVOO and probably a total of 4 Tb. butter.   And next time I’ll add more spice.  Maybe some herbs or Steak Seasoning since these will be in a Salad soaking up tomato juices and dressing.  They are kind of bland.  My loaf must have been alot larger than Ms Garten’s and I had to saute in 2 batches.  And then I finished them in a low oven to really toast and firm them up.  Your experience may differ.)

Looking forward to my Bread Salad this week!


" (The) word focus comes from the Latin for fireplace. In Italian, it's focolare—the center of the home where one cooks and easts and talks, all of which gives focus, a clarity to life.  Without food, we fall apart.
"Food is the sun: family, work, friends, the day-to-day, the extraordinary—all in orbit like the planets. There's order in the universe when someone says, 'Let's eat.' " 

** from In Tuscany, by Frances Mayes

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