Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hypocritically Eating In

Homemade Runzas

Another Eating In, Not Out post, which is a bit of a hypocrite posting since we ate OUT all weekend!  Friday night date night.  Saturday errands and then a special viewing of the Rich Mullins movie had us out and about so we ate where  we were.  And today, Sunday, Farmer chose to eat quickly “out” instead of waiting on a meal at home.  I am not blaming him, but he did chose to eat our 3 of those 4 meals “out.”

But tomorrow is Monday and as much as I love my Runza burger and fries, they do not love me, so I made some lunches and breakfasts.

Breakfasts again will be egg and turkey sausage and cheese croissants.  But this will be the last time I buy them.  The croissants are 2 weeks old and still “good.”  How many preservatives are in those things????  (and yet I’ll eat them because I’m too cheap to toss them out.)  And really GF… purchased Turkey Sausage when you have a freeze load in the basement?  **eye roll**

At least 2 lunches will be rice and roasted asparagus with a side salad of grape tomatoes and baby cucumbers and fresh mozzarella.  I really, really need to get my neighbor to teach me how to make that.  And somehow add on an extra 6 hours to my day so I can do all the cooking I want to do.

Possibly another lunch or two will be this homemade pasta salad.  It comes from “Charlie” from the Yahoo Group Preserving Food.  Here is what he wrote about it:

a quick pasta salad, one like those Suddenly Salad boxes from Betty
 Crocker. I only buy them when they are 10 for $10 at the
 PriceChopper, but its nothing more than about 10¢ worth of pasta, a
 little bit of powder and a handful of dried veggie flakes. What I
 wound up trying was tossing some crumbled up dried tomatoes, some
 mushroom flakes, about a Tbsp. of dried carrot bits and about the same
 of dried peas in a pot of boiling water and let them boil for about 5
 minutes. After 5 minutes, I added a heaping cup of shells to the
 water, and let the shells and the veggies cook for about 10 minutes
 until the shells were done.

 While the macaroni and the veggies were cooking, I mixed about 2
 heaping Tbsps. of ranch dressing powder with about 1/4 cup of mayo and
 a little bit of milk, to make a fairly thick dressing. I also tossed
 in some of my homemade bacon bits (crumbled up dried turkey pastrami),
 a little parsley and a little jalapeno powder. 

 I drained the pasta and the veggies, tossed them with the dressing,
 and tucked it into the fridge when it had cooled down. Took a big
 container of it with me today for lunch.

 It needs a little tweaking to spice it up a bit more, and the "bacon
 bits" really weren't properly rehydrated so I may have to grind them
 up a bit more, or maybe boil them with the veggies and the macaroni,
 but using the homemade ranch powder worked pretty well.

 I think if I try it a few more times I'll have something that I really
 like, and can duplicate pretty consistently. Will also be nice to try
 asparagus and zucchini flakes and some other more substantial items
 than the teeny bit of vegetables that come in the store-bought boxes.


I don’t have all the dried veggies in my pantry that Charlie does, so I’ll use my Salad Shooter and add the carrot shreds to the dressing and add the grape tomatoes and cucumbers when I eat it.  I’ll see if we have any turkey sandwich meat left or poach a chicken breast instead of the bacon.

Also I have Cheese Tortellini in the freezer that I can mix with homemade vinaigrette and tomatoes & cucumbers and thickly sliced string cheese.

Farmer will be having homemade Runzas, Ham Balls and Pork Chops this week.  The man gets real meals for Supper and I'm still drinking Green Smoothies.  I feel better and I’m losing weight (slowly) so I’ll keep on.  Warmer weather makes downing an ice-cold smoothie much easier.

What are you all eating “in” these days?

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