Friday, January 27, 2017

And 3 years later....

Gracious it's dusty in here  **ACHOO**...  I guess almost 3 years of absence will do that to a blog.  I hope maybe there are one or two of my readers still around, but if not I understand.  Life got busy and then busier and then, well, not as much.
Let me explain...

When I last left you I was Eating In, Not Out; Pantry Challenging; Spring was in the Air along with Farming/Calving/Planting.  We had enjoyed a visit from the Ohio clan and we were working off-the-farm & on when I left you in 2014.

Fast-forward: 2015 We did some remodeling as in gutting our entire living room and taking out the lath & plaster, putting up drywall, new woodwork, taking out the parlor door and doing some renovations in the kitchen with a tiled backsplash and built in dishwasher.

2016:  Our younger son was married to our lovely dear daughter-in-law Mandy in January.  We then helped them with painting and finishing the basement in their new home.  Our older son over the years has gotten divorced from our granddaughters' mother and became engaged to a wonderful lady, Dana, who brings us a grandson & another granddaughter.  The whole family came to Nebraska in August.  There have been some extended family health concerns. My Farmer had some heart afib trouble, but is doing very well now.  The newly-married ones gave us a new grandson the middle of December.  And the very last week of the year, I was down-sized out of my job at the newspaper.

Which brings us to present, January 2017.  Bry & Dana are still trying to figure out a wedding date.  I'm still waiting & looking for a job.  We now have 2 grandsons, 13 & 1 month; and 4 granddaughters, 11 (twins), 9 (on Sunday) and almost 6.

I've been doing the Whole 30 eating plan to figure out my food triggers.  I'm finding grains are not my friends anymore.  I am seeing this as a lifestyle change and I'm OK with that.

Also with having our take-home income cut by 1/3, we are being VERY frugal.  I am so thankful God prompted me to set up our deep pantry.  We have set a $35 grocery budget, and I am trying to hold to that every other week.  There is little reason to go shopping every week.  One deviation from that set-point; Farmer asked me to figure out what I needed for pantry staples for the next 6-9 months and we bought them.  We got a grain check so there was a little wiggle room in the budget.  Thankfully I didn't need tons and I also used some of the funds for non-food items to stock up.

At first being home was a shock.  I believe I went through the stages of grief, as my firing was unexpected and I was in shock for a week.  Then I was mad, depressed, shocked and mad again, then scared.   Now I'm trying to be patient as I wait on God's timing.  It's been nice to be able to just "be."  Time to heal and now I'm starting to find my house again.

We had a small ice storm a few weeks ago and Farmer cleaned out the storm room in the basement.  I sold an old sewing machine and had to clear out the extras that were still out in the main room.  It's not done but it's a sight better than what it was.  I need some shelving in that room for storage of my empty canning jars and our extra vitamins/supplements and laundry supplies.

I started to organize the kitchen pantry the day we stocked up and while there are some holes, there is enough to keep us fed for quite a while.
I plan to start declutter kitchen cupboards, drawers, the pantry and the under-the-stairs closet in February.  Of course being open to God's leading on the job-front too.

It's been quite the emotional roller-coaster I've been on the past 8 months, starting with Farmer's afib diagnosis.  Solace is always found in Father God, prayer and His Word.  Our family brings us joy always.  It's been wonderful to have a Nebraska-based grandchild.  I've been making a quilt for this sweetie and in cleaning the sewing room, I found ALL the kits I has stored in one of my quilt cupboards, (like 20+!)  And yarn for crocheting.  I'm looking forward to digging into that fun.

I'll end with some of my most favorite things.

I'll be back soon,

** “Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.” ~Pauline R. Kezer

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