Wednesday, November 8, 2006

A Beginning

It's all "their" fault... my on-line friends and acquaintances... they kept pushing me to start a blog. Personally I think it's to stop me from writing novels every day in my emails as I reported on my "life".

I'm at a bit of a loss at what to write this first time. Should I tell more about me or just jump into my daily report? Or maybe a little of both?

You've seen in my profile, I'm a farmer's wife, (Not a "Farmwife". I'm not married to the farm, thank you very much!) We have 2 dear-sons, a dear daughter-in-love, and 2 precious grandtwins.
I work for a tractor magazine publishing company in customer service.
I love cooking, baking, quilting, reading, dark chocolate, coffee, olives, cheese, the color yellow and my Farmer & family.

But enough about me. You'll get to know me if you keep reading as I blog. I might be quiet and somewhat shy in person, but I tend to be wordy on-line.

Newest news- I had a ball grocery shopping yesterday at the dreaded Super Wal-mart. (I just hate that it comes into a town and slowly kills off the mom-and-pop stores.) I try to spread my shopping out between it and the other 2 stores in town. But yesterday I had flyers from the paper and wanted to take advantage of their price-matching.

I found great buys on Era, Ricola cough drops, bananas, Jello, cereal for Chex mix, frozen veggies and Ghirardeli & Lindor chocolates. The clerk was not happy to see me and my ads but I kept it moving with everything organized. I love bargins like this. I'm starting to fill my holiday pantry so that all I will have to purchase later is the meat, the produce & dairy.

We also voted in the evening. It was like old-home week at the polling place. We visited briefly with our neighbors before heading back home for a quick supper and sleep for the Farmer. He is so tired these days with getting up at 4:30 a.m. to go to his off-the-farm job, coming home to anhydrous and pushing through a sore back. We need some cold, rainy weather to keep him inside and resting.

I had the job of setting up the mole deterrent devise yesterday. It is a 2 foot long tube that emits a noise every 28 seconds. Supposedly it drives the moles crazy and they leave. I hope so. We didn't work this hard on getting our lawn established only to lose it to a stupid mole!

The cooking front has been rather subdued lately. Working a lot and feeling a little "off". But this weekend we plan to go to our best friends' and I promised to make home-made chili and baked potato soup. Farmer pleaded for Cheesey Butter Sticks and of course corn bread. Can't have chili without corn bread! If I have time on Friday, I'll make an apple pie too. I love cooking comfort food.

The quilting studio has been vacant this week for the same reason as the kitchen. I have a comfort quilt in dire need of binding. Now that most of the week's evening obligations are taken care of, I think I can get down there. I wanted this quilt shipped to the one who needs it long ago. Makes me frustrated when I can't get it done. I know I have to finish up some projects before the kids come w/ the grands. The studio will need to be packed away from those little inquisitive fingers.

As I end, I want to include a daily menu if possible (Thanks Terri for the idea!) or at least a thought of what I'm going to cook. My poor Farmer does deserve a home-cooked meal this week, so I think it will either be a new Runza casserole recipe or Baked Penne. Salad with either. The Runza casserole won't need a bread. With the Penne I'll make garlic bread with the last of the Semolina bread. He has been asking for chocolate chip cookies, but realistically I don't think that will happen tonight.

Thanks for reading this first entry. I'm open to creative criticism from other bloggers.

Have a great day!
Kay--The Farmer's Wife

I'm not happy, I'm cheerful. There's a difference.
A happy woman has no cares at all.
A cheerful woman has cares
but has learned how to deal with them.
-- Beverly Sills (1929-) American Opera Singer

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