Thursday, November 9, 2006

Gotta Love That Farmer

As wives we know how our dhs can drive us to distraction at times. And then in the next moment they do something sweet and we love them all the more.

For example, lately Farmer Rick and I have been tired, sore in the back and just a little out of sorts in ourselves. Too busy, hurting, hormonal (ME!) and too many early mornings. Just some of those days when you wish you lived alone so you could just do what you needed to do and could just "be".

That has been our life lately. And then yesterday afternoon after a long, busy day at the office on my feet in the wrong shoes (can you say "OUCH"!), he told me about a good deal he found on a mower and another on a patio set.
So we trundled off to town. A nice push mower for him. Its not a John Deere but for what we do with it, it'll be just fine. (And it's probably more mine than his, seeing how I do most of the mowing. But I'll let him think he got a pressie too. )
And then he showed me the 5 piece patio set. It was marked down from $300+ to $75! A square table, 4 chairs, cushions and covers. And he offered to get me a standing water feature that was marked down to $25. I decided I could live without that. (I envisioned it becoming a fancy cat waterer.) But I plan to keep my eyes open next year for the freestanding "rock" pond. It'll be nice by the porch or by the back deck someday.

I'll share a photo of the set in the spring.

So I guess it was MERRY CHRISTMAS early for us.

All his thoughtfulness made it easier to give a "soft" negative answer when he asked about homemade chocolate chip cookies later in the evening.

Supper: I had a late lunch since I didn't have time to eat at the office. He wanted popcorn, so popcorn it was.
Tonight I plan to do better. It's cooler today so a warm meal will taste better.
Plan-- either that Runza casserole or Penne. I'll share the recipe (Terri!) if it is good.

Until next time,

November days and a bright wood fire;
A hearth and a home and the Heart's Desire.

~~Esther M. (Clark) Hill

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