Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Can you feel me shaking from there? Well, maybe not now anymore but if any of you felt tremors this afternoon, it was not the tectonic plates, it was me!

I was calmly sitting here, typing away when from the corner of my eye, I spied..... a small brown "something"!!
I shrieked as I saw it properly. A MOUSE!! Within 5 feet of me!!

It scurried behind the door to this room and I froze! I could not move nor look fully at the spot where it disappeared. I didn't want to see it, but didn't want it sneaking up on me either. You know they just wait until you are not looking and then they JUMP ON YOU!! (shuddering hugely)

As i sat hyperventilating and wondering what I should do, that dang thing poked it's head out...I screamed....it retreated for a few seconds, did it again, I screamed again louder and really started to shake and cry and clenched my hands together. One finally head poke and a louder scream and I gave in. Ran to the bathroom, grabbed my sweater...stood there and shook and cried and wondered if I could get "away". Ran for the outside door by the laundry room and went around to the front porch where all the cats were. (GOOD cats! They eat mice. lol)

Stood there surrounded by cats until I could screw up enough courage to open the kitchen door. Very quickly ran in, grabbed my cell phone and book from the table and slammed the door shut!

I called my dear, brave Farmer and left a voice mail, asking him to please stop and get more mousetraps because there was a mouse in the kitchen and I was on the front porch and would not be going back inside until he got home and KILLED THAT MOUSE!!

And there I sat and shook and tried to breathe as I waited for the 45 mins. it took Rick to get home. He looked at me like I was crazy until I asked if he got my message. He hadn't so I told him the story. Bless him, he didn't laugh at me or make me feel foolish. Just went in and looked around and found we had caught one in the back porch. ICK!

I made him stay w/ me until I calmed down enough to move about the house. I made him check behind the door where the afternoon hysterics took place. I then vacuumed all the cookie crumbs Rick made from the living room furniture and the carpets and picked up all the piles so there were no hide-y-holes. (I had Cmas gifts in here on the floor.)

Later we took the Hoosier cabinet and console to the refinisher's place. More on the furniture later.

When we got home, Rick found the danged mouse had eaten the cheese off the traps. So he put peanut butter on them and we went down to the basement. I waited down there while he showered. And in that 10 min. we caught one in the pantry! ICK!! ICK!!! ICK!!!

Rick says that's the last one, but I won't believe it until we haven't caught one for 4 days or more. Tomorrow I am getting those low-frequency pest deterrents. If we catch another mouse, I'm bringing one of the cats in to live! Rick says "no way" and I say "it's either a cat or no wife!" I can't live w/ mice.

Death count stands at 6. ** Major, huge shudders of horror**

Supper tonight was pancakes for him and leftover pork & veggie stir-fry for me. Poor man had to cook for himself too.

Women and cats will do as they please, and
men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

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