Saturday, November 18, 2006

2 Weddings

Happy Saturday Evening to Everyone!

The battle of the mice seems to have ended and I believe we are victorious! The final body count was nine. Not sure if we finally just "got" them all or if the low frequency repellants worked, but I'm very glad they are gone. Rick cleaned up the back porch for me, bless him. He took out all the recyclable trash and mouse-proofed the room even more than before. This next week he said he would help me clean and organize the pantry. I found "evidence" of the mice in there today. ICK!

We were invited to and attended two weddings this weekend. It was interesting to note the differences and similarities in the two.

The first was simple, but beautiful. The bride was blond, the colors were blue and white. It was held in a small, old country church. The reception and dance were held in an old-time dance hall. The buffet was simple but plentiful and very tasty. We sat with old friends and visited and realized we unknowingly had passed the gauntlet of "young marrieds" to our children. When did we get old and become the middle-aged group?

The second wedding was held in an old Catholic church. The ceremony was a traditional Catholic mass. The bride was brunette and the colors were red and black. This wedding was just a bit more formal and beautiful as well. The reception and dance were held in a small town American Legion hall. The meal was catered.

The second wedding was reminiscent of the weddings I remember attending as a young girl and in my teen years. I remember being surrounded by family and friends. The Czech accents took me back to the church I was raised in and my grandmother's and aunt's voices. I remember the jovial older men and the fun the older generation had at the dances. How the grandpas and grandmas, moms and dads enjoyed their drinks and the dancing and seeing their friends and socializing.

The first wedding was a sign of where I am now in my life. Surrounded by my friends who I met through home-schooling our sons. The wedding service was simple and heartfelt and the Gospel message was spoken. It was more modern with some popular music played and yet brought tears to my eyes.

The weekend was a trip back in time in my heart and emotions. Back to my childhood, back to my days of dating my husband, to our wedding and our oldest son's and daughter-in-love's wedding. And a time to reflect on where I've come from and where I am now in my Christian walk.

And as is appropriate for the weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday, I gave thanks to God for saving me and for my marriage to a wonderful man who loves me and our children and grands. I thanked Him for old friends and new friends.
And the chance to see again, the joy and radiance on a new bride's face and the pride in her groom's eyes.

Be Loved,

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