Friday, March 9, 2007

Thrift Store Goodies and an Organized Laundry

It's been a long week for me and I'm definitely ready for the weekend. Although from the sounds of it, it may not be as restful as I'd like. We have several errands in the city that must be done this weekend. I can still hope for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

One nice thought is the warmer temperatures that are in the forecast for the next week. Maybe some of the mud will dry up. I'd like to start cleaning up the yard and garden but it's been to chilly yet.

I wrote about some recent thrift store finds and tonight I took photos of my goodies.

The vintage romper (notice the handwork. Aren't the rabbits cute?)

The vintage doll quilt

The vintage apron (so very sweet!)

Scarves & sashes to use to embellish some spring-time fabric post cards.

I haven't had a chance to take those photos of the cattle yet, but I will. This morning as I was doing chores I noticed the baby of our older "new" mama was lying very still in the straw pile and she was worried and sniffing and shuffling around him. I suspected he had died in the night and Rick found that to be true this evening.

We had a frugal dinner tonight. I went "shopping" in my freezers. There I found turkey breast medallions (Schwanns), au gratin potatoes and green bean casserole (both of these came with the honey-roast ham I got from my bosses at Christmas). I heated the veggies in the oven as the package directed and grilled the turkey on the GFGrill (it was cooked, just needed heating also.) We also had homemade bread and chocolate cake for dessert.   I thought it was all pretty good for a processed freezer meal.

I organized my laundry room today. (It is actually more closet size, than a room.) I bought a narrow, wheeled cart with a hanging canvas bag and three wire shelves at W-mart. Rick grumbled and moaned about "cheap crap" until I told him I couldn't afford to go to Crate and Barrel or Linen & Things, etc for a similar cart, but if he insisted I would. That shut him up.*wink*  And it works just fine.
The canvas laundry bag holds our good clothes until I have a load-full and I have a shelf for my seldom-used liquid bleach, one for my kitchen towels (again, for when I have enough for a load) and the top holds my Oxyclean and Dye-catchers. Now the only things on my dryer are the dryer sheets, a basket for my "found" money and my big jug of Era. Much, MUCH better than piles of clothes on the floor and all that stuff on top of the dryer.

Here are 2 photos of the laundry room, dirty clothes and all! (OH MY!)


I am using my dehydrator again today. Some dear friends gave us some grapefruit from Texas. They are nice and juicy but we just don't eat grapefruit as a fruit. I considered juicing them, but there are more than I would want to juice w/ a hand juicer. The orange and lemon I was drying were finally done after several repeat trips through the heat. I powdered them today in the blender. What an awesome smell! I decided to try to dry half of the grapefruit. I sliced them and seeded them. I did leave out the pieces that were mostly rind. It seemed the orange and lemon rinds didn't power up as easily. I have about 6 grapefruit to eat fresh or I'll section them and freeze them for fruit salad this summer.
The powdered citrus will be nice in lemonade or iced tea this summer also. Or in my fluffy yogurt pie. MMMMMmmm

And so with the thought of summer in mind, I'm heading off to bed.

** Other women have shoe addictions;
I wear cheap sandals and buy books.

--Jenna Glatzer

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