Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Still Sick

This will be short and well...not sweet I guess. 

I'm still sick.  I have bronchitis.  Yes, I did go to the clinic and saw the PA.  I'm on an antibotic and cough medicine.  I've been home from work Monday and Tuesday (today) and will go in tomorrow long enough to get my mail processed.  I can't talk on the phone.  I just cough. 

Today we took our beefer into the locker at 7:30 a.m.  I thought I felt pretty good.  Then on the way home I fell asleep in the truck.  I thought I'd just rest once we got home (around 8:00) and the next thing I knew it was 1:30 p.m.!    Guess I needed the sleep. 

So, that is all I've been doing....  coughing, trying to rest, coughing, trying to keep the house kept up and coughing. 

Two friends have suggested Vicks on the bottom of my feet to stop the cough at night and to help me sleep.  I don't have any right now but will get some tomorrow after work.  I want to get well...Spring is finally here to stay (I hope!).

We are still having baby calves.  One  yesterday to "Horny" (the horned cow) and one will be here tonight.  Mama is working on it now.

Farmer dear is in the field.  He is plowing terraces in preparation for the Spring rains.   He's been calling about mineral and fly blocks for the cattle, and seed and chemicals and OH BOY!   There goes any thoughts of a shopping spree for me. 

As soon as I can do anything with out coughing, I hope to get my radishes and lettuce and spinach in the ground.  Maybe some onions.  While I've been sick, I've been planning new flower beds in my mind.  First I need to clean up the old ones.  How do you get rid of Hen's Bit????? 

New baby kittens in the barn....  not sure  how many or colors yet.   Another sure sign of Spring!

Nothing else new or exciting.  We just "are". 

Hugs from "El Sicko"

** Bundle me up in an old, worn quilt with hand sewn stitches,
and soft cotton batting.  Place a book on my lap,
a cup of tea in my hand, a light by my side,
and leave me in a world of rest and delight.
         ~Roy Lessin

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