Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a non-organic conspiracy!

someone tell me why???

Why if the store flyer has a big promo on their brand Organic Turkeys (just in time for Thanksgiving), WHY!!!!! do none of the store locations have the Organic Turkeys in the actual stores? "It was an oversight." I was told after the meat manager looked high & low in his store and then called another store to see if they received any.

I told him I'd check back later (Like That's gonna happen! Sorry Hy-Vee, you just lost a sale!) and we went on to the store that had the great baking sale on Sunday. Not a single organic turkey whole or parts to be found.

I think it's a conspiracy by the non-organic contingent. Look like you are sooo interested in our health & well-fare but it's all a lie.

At least I was able to get organic carrots, celery and I remembered the baking nuts this time.

I had to laugh inside at the totally clueless looks I got from 2 young store employees when I asked about the organic turkeys. In the second store, the young thing was at the Customer Service desk and had the stupidity to tell me (the customer) she had never heard of an organic turkey. And continued to give me that amazed, confused look. I declined her offer to ask someone in "grocery" since everyone in the meat department had gone home for the day/evening. I seriously doubt a "grocery" stocker will know if or where the organic turkeys are either.
(BIG PET PEEVE HERE: Have employees in all departments from about 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. Leaving the basic departments empty of employees during those early morning & evening times is not customer friendly! Not everyone can shop from 9-5.)

After a long, busy day at the magazine, (Welcome to the Holiday Shopping Rush!), it was nice to spend time with Farmer-dear and Ds2 this evening. And we were able to get Ds2 one of his Christmas gifts early. A Nebraska jacket so he can wear it to the game in Kansas this weekend.
After that, we all ate at Chili's. Crispy Chicken Tacos. Mmmmmmmm

Tomorrow is my Boss's Birthday, so let me say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD!!" now. I have his gift ready and will be making an apple pie in the morning to take to the office.

I'll be stopping by my small hometown grocery store and asking their meat manager to order my Organic Turkey, if possible. If not, I have one or two other sources before we end up with the slaughter-house grunge. (sorry)

And now I'm taking my sleepy body to bed. 4:20 a.m. comes early. **YAWN**


––"We recommend that no one eat more than two tons of turkey-that's what it would take to poison someone."
Elizabeth Whelan


  1. Umm, don't hate me okay - what's an organic turkey?

    What does *organic* mean, anyway? It's such a buzz word...but I have no clue what it MEANS.

    Help a gal out?

  2. I emailed you but will post an explanation in a new post too.