Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy Day & Busy Week

Winter Pansies blooming on my back porch

Good Evening/Night everyone.

It's the end of Monday. It's been a good day, I guess. I got alot of stuff done. Mundane things like laundry and dishes. We have a new little bull in the Cow Lot as of 2 p.m. I finished the pillowcase for my co-worker's bday and the bread is in the oven now.
The sun shone and I got supper "out" too.

On the not-so-great side, Farmer-dear has the start of pneumonia and is on stronger meds. If he's not a lot better by Wed. he goes back for more. On the plus side, the EKG they took (because he had pain in his chest), showed his heart is fine. The chest x-ray showed the pneumonia. Maybe these meds will get the poor guy well again! At least he's not feeling too horrible, just run-down and not 100%.

Then we had to wait for 45 mins. at the dreaded W-mart to get the script filled. Sheesh! You'd have thought it was Monday or something. lol
(the entertainment was watching some woman come unglued when the pharm. associate couldn't fill her script because it had been too long since it was originally written. Poor associate.)

Then on to the city to get some farm chemicals (I know... go to the City for Farm stuff.) There goes $700+....

And now I'm bushed and ready for bed but have to wait on this bread and put the laundered sheets on the bed.

But, I did get to sew today. :oD And I took my time and enjoyed it. Fiddling with matching the thread (instead of using the usual gray/beige combo) and switching the feet to get the right seam allowance instead of fudging it. Pressing well and frog-stitching a few spots that were not "perfect." I'm not sure what came over me. I'm usually "done is better than perfect" but today it just felt right. Who switched Muses on me?? lol

Above is the pillowcase I made last week for my lady boss and below is the one for my co-worker.

Tomorrow I'm working and then to the Eye Doctor for at least one new lense in my glasses. Only one bifocal works and I'm tired of tired eyes and having to focus with my right eye.
Wednesday I'll probably off work but need to get my grays covered and my back adjusted and Must rejoin PACE again. This winter "insulation" is getting out of hand. :oc
Thursday probably working.
Friday NOTHING.....sewing! (I hope)
Saturday Dinner out w/ friends.

It'll be a good week, but busy.

Hope you all are having a good one too.

** "I hate a woman who offers herself
because she ought to do so,
and, cold and dry,
thinks of her sewing when she's making love." ~Ovid

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  1. I hope F-Dear is feeling better soon and that you don't get as sick as he is. Take care of yourself.