Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A new additions to the farm

(Come back for photos to illustrate this post-- I'm having trouble getting them to load this morning. sigh~)

Announcing the start of the 2009 calving season-- Miss JS291! A lovely dark red and white heifer. White markings over her back and on her back legs and front feet and the tip of her tail.

Mother is a dark all-red Angus cross. Father is a pure red Angus.

And so it begins. Checking backsides every chore time, keeping the bedding areas clean & dry, watching for skitterish loners, the joy of each new birth and hopefully no sadness for any who fail to thrive.

The other new addition is Farmer-dear's new front-end loader with the grapple. He loves it. No more wrenching his back to up-end bale feeders and I can't wait to be able to say, "I want some dirt/mulch/compost right HERE." and it will be dumped right THERE.

Speaking of Mulch... The new power lines will be going in south of our farm, along the line fence. The PPD needed to cut some trees on our side, in our pasture. BIG, old cedars. I am now the recipient of 3 truck loads of cedar mulch. No more smelly grass clipping mulch this summer! And quite possibly some well mixed compost. Oh the possibilities!

My dear Farmer even covered the mulch pile with a tarp to keep it clean & dry and hopefully cat-potty free. I love that man!

(btw-- anyone have a Tried N True way to keep cats from pottying outside my back door!!!!!! Seriously! They have 80+ acres to use and they have to poop right outside my back door? I got some spray at W-m and it works until it rains or snows. Which is usually hours after I spray everything down back there.)

That's the newest news on the farm. Keep watching. I'll have a few new photos of the twins. Not as many as I would like but it was more fun to play along & I kept forgetting to take photos.
Also more on the Infrared Heater and how it's working out. My new office furniture. And the "Brenda's Anniversary Roses" quilt is ready for piecing.
We have our income tax appointment this week so if I go AWOL again, don't worry. I'll be back after that.

Have a great week!

** "Come now the wild dark days of February when the house
seems a
lovely warm little island with winter billowing outside."
~Gladys Taber, Stillmeadow Seasons~

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