Thursday, February 5, 2009

A new website addiction

I'll admit it... I get addicted to websites & blogs. There are so many super talented people out there, who inspire me in my day-to-day life.

First would be Facebook.... I know, I know. It's not technically a blog, but it keeps me in daily (sometimes hourly) contact with most of my favorite people. I probably wouldn't hear that our Pastor's dd was sick or that my dear friend in PA is having a pizza-for-lunch day otherwise. Just the randomness of it, makes me like it so much.
Search for me and if you want to be friends be sure and send a message along with the request telling me how I know you. If I don't recognize your name I won't accept the request. Sorry, but I've had to up my personal security. :o]

Second, I'm still addicted to Ree, The Pioneer Woman and Brin, of My Messy, Thrilling Life and Cat, RuthAnn, Linda, Tania, Clarice, PennyAnne, etc...etc....etc.... You can find most of them on my sidebar links.
If you do, you'll notice a theme.....quilts, cooking, farm/rural life, vintage, thrifting, Home, Family, God. All the things that make me tick. :oD

And finally, here is my latest addiction: The Farm Chicks . I preordered their "In the Kitchen" book. (Thanks Ds2 for the B&N gift card... it came in very handy!) I loved their blogsite at first glance. Aprons! Hay bales! QUILTS! Jeans. The Prairie (ok-- in Washington State, but still the prairie!) I want it to be summer so we can have a prairie party with hay/straw bales covered with quilts for seating & all the women wearing aprons.
Just go check it out. (The Prairie Party is HERE, on Country Living's website, another of my favorites!)

I know you all are waiting for photos of the girls and calves and such. Bear with me. We're calving still and taxes need to be completed and I'm trying to get my office organized since we got the new desk.

And to make you smile, I have Pansies blooming on my sunny, unheated back porch! I simply brought in my front walk pots when it got really cold and tucked them away on the porch. What a happy surprise to see those smiling "faces." My rosemary bush is doing wonderfully back there too, as is the curly parsley my neighbor gifted me with. I want to remember to pot up some thyme next fall. I miss having fresh sprigs.

Time for breakfast! Homemade raisin, cinnamon oatmeal, yogurt & pecans mixed in or saved for mid-morning snack.
We're trying to eat better after the over-indulgence of the holidays. A better breakfast, larger lunch and salad or smallish dinner. Cutting down on carbs (me) and lower fat (Farmer-dear).

Have a great Thursday and I'll be back soon with those photos!

** "...and when the moon rose rapidly above the bare rim of the prairie, the pond glittered like polished metal..." ~Willa Cather, "O Pioneers!"

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  1. I like your analysis of Facebook. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it.

    I love, love, love Ree at The Pioneer Woman. She is one truly talented woman. I can't wait for her cookbook.

    I'll have to check out The Farm Chicks.

    Don't work too hard calving. We want you to be awake enough to upload new photos of the girlies.