Monday, March 23, 2009

A short break

Just a note to let you all know, I'm not leaving blog-land forever, but need to take a short break. You probably won't even miss me. So maybe this is just permission to myself that it is "OK" to take a break and not feel guilty. :o)

Our church's annual Easter Pageant is coming up soon and I'm helping in the costume department this year. Since I'm new there, I feel slightly lost all the time. I'm so glad everyone has patience with me.
I've been stitching and sewing and tacking costumes and getting to know some of the older ladies of the congregation. Plus both ways. :oD
This week I have to make 6 cowls/head-dresses and.... a diaper cover for a Fainting Goat! Yes, you read correctly.... a diaper cover for a goat! lol Out of fake fur. LMHO! I think I'll need a liner and then the fake fur over the top of that. Not sure how this will work out. I'll let you know & hopefully will remember to take photos of the finished product on the goat.

And we will be babysitting for a neighbor's sweet 9-month old boy this Friday evening. I've been in the 1-year old room at church for the past few Sundays and they are fun. (Once you get past the tantrums & screamings.) But the diaper changes are worse than the infant nursery. OY~

And Easter itself is coming and we have a houseful coming. So I'll be cleaning and cooking after the Pageant is over. (Pageant is Palm Sunday weekend for local readers. If you want more info, email or message me or leave a comment here.)

And I really need to get to Spring Cleaning. REALLY! The number of dead flies in my bedroom is too embarrassing to count, but it's bad! They winter-over in the walls and find their way out into the windows. And then die if it is still cold. All I know is, it's gross and embarrassing and I need to clean up there ASAP!

And... our newest cows are close to calving. Matter of fact, Mama 331 had TWINS yesterday. Both heifers and are black. Such cute little things! I couldn't get a photo last evening as it was too dark by the time I got home to see them. But I'll get one soon. Farmer-dear put Mama and babies in the barn this morning as we are in for some nasty weather over the next 24 hours and falling temps. Typical, ugly March weather.
The other 3 mamas should be having their calves soon. So we may be making other barn arrangements as the weather worsens.

So, as you can see.... it's just a little busy here on the Prairie Farm. When I start to feel really stressed about life, it's time to let go of some of the inessential activities for a little while.
But no worries, I'll be back with more of my random chattiness in a few weeks.

Until then,

** "March arrives to martial music; it's a warrior month; the winds are trumpets, the bright banners of the sky are unfurled, and the pennants of the clouds flutter. Now and again drums roll in an unseasonable thunderstorm, or the snow comes galloping in like white horses."
~~Faith Baldwin, Evening Star(1964)


  1. When you spring clean, think of me (and I'll think of you)...also spring cleaning!

    Go! Live life! (And you will *so* be missed. You're on my blog roll, girl!)

  2. Iva, you could just come here and clean for the both of us. **winking**

  3. ......and clean for me too!! ;) Of course I would miss you but I understand. I'm thinking of taking a break too.........maybe!

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  5. **edited to add to this**

    Blogging and goat diaper-covers cannot co-exist in my world. lol

    Know anything about sewing fake fur?