Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making Excuses .... I mean, a Menu

Banking a Prairie Farm with Sod for the Winter in Dakota Territory, 1880s
Banking a Prairie Farm with Sod for the Winter in Dakota Territory, 1880s

Today it looks like this.

I know... I said I was taking a break from blogging and I am... but I've been procrastinating* ... catching up on favorite blogs while eating lunch.

Tammy, my fellow Neb. blogger, and my dear PennyAnne Poundwise, both posted their menus for the week.

(Gee thanks Tammy, for reminding me about the change in the weather. I think I'd rather dodge the stray tornado & hail stones if the temps would stay in the 60s-70s. I'm not liking this 40s and cloudy and cold and rain, snow in the forecast and lows in the 20s! [Hellooooo... we just moved back to our UNHEATED bedroom! I don't want to move back down to the HEATED basement guest room. My back just got used to the change in mattresses.])

Anyway.... they posted their menus and ok, I wanted to keep procrastinating *.... participate in menu-sharing too.

Here's my menu for the Week of March 23-28th

Monday: Sloppy Joes on whole wheat buns, Cole slaw, Chips, various found things for dessert - Farmer-Dear; Leftover Spicy Catfish fingers, Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, Corn muffin from Sunday's dinner at Famous Dave's®, no dessert - me.

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner (B4D) Night- Ham and Cheese or Tomato and Avocado Omelets, Hash browns, Whole wheat toast, Cinnamon Apples - both of us (and should be that way most of the rest of the week, unless "someone" decides He doesn't want what I'm having.)

Wednesday: ("warm" day of the week) Chef or Chopped Salad with variety of cheeses, smoked turkey breast &/or ham, Butter sticks (quick bread), Almond pound cake with berries

Thursday: Dining Alone Night** Eggplant Parmesan, chopped salad and pesto ww angel hair pasta for me; Schwan's battered Fish, fries and canned veggies for F-d

Friday: (We're babysitting in the evening for a super-cute little neighbor boy, so it'll be an easy,make-ahead supper.) Soup and sandwiches. Haven't decided on the soup yet. I've found some new recipes but F-d may want to stay with the TnT (chili, baked potato or tomato). Sandwiches will be either tuna, egg salad, grilled cheese or just corn bread.

Saturday: (I'd like a Date Night, but not sure of the weekend schedule yet.)
Individual meat loaves, Baked regular & sweet potatoes, Roasted broccoli for me & something canned for F-d (hey! He likes canned veggies.), Homemade dinner rolls, a yet-to-be-decided Cake or Dessert from scratch.
(PS Found my Cake recipe! Lemon Ricotta Cake with Strawberry Sauce ala Storybook Woods )

Sunday is Cook's Day Off, unless she wants to cook. Next week will be a little nutty with our church's Easter Pageant 4 days. I'll be eating at church this day (Sunday) I think, because of full dress rehearsal and then every day of the performances. So next week might be alot of "find what you can" meals for Farmer-dear. Good thing the Schawn truck comes this week.

I continued to procrastinate *... puttered in the kitchen and cleaned off my prep/coffee area. (I have a very small amount of countertop, so this corner does it all.) Slowly starting some Spring Cleaning.

While I was wiping down and de-crumbing (and killing awakening Lady Bugs Grrrrr!); I nuked what was left of the 99¢ package of turkey bacon and it is now jarred & in the freezer to use as Bakon Bits on salads.

I also processed 4 slices of Buffalo Jerky into "gravel." (it's not "dust" and too big for "crumbs", so "gravel" it is.) But what do I do with it? The flavor doesn't impress me. It's not a strong smoked or spicy jerky, just a bland-kind of beefiness. And obviously, being jerky, it will need to be used in something with moisture or cooked in liquid. Or not?? I'd appreciate any suggestions on uses for this. It's in a jar in the freezer too.

I hope to have photos of the newest calves soon. We had a new one, yesterday in the midst of the storms, but he and Mama are doing fine. We let the twins & their mama out of the barn. It was a bit of a muddle, all these new black babies and 2 black mamas. Plus the black/white face Aunties have "certain body parts" that look the same as Mom's to the calves. The Aunties were not amused at the extra attention. (giggle)

OK, I guess that's enough procrastinating *.... Blogging for now.

I'll be back when I as soon as I can.


* I should be making a diaper cover for a goat right now. I'll let you mull on that one for a while. lol

** Click on the link for her blog. I have to cook & dine alone alot too. Farmer-dear is not very adventurous in the food area, as you know.


  1. I wish I was organized enough to menu...I am lucky if I decide in the morning what I will have for supper....sometimes it is minutes before I make up my mind...I love you thursday menu...my man wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole. BTW..canned veggies make the best 3 bean salad.

  2. Sheepish: You might be just a tab busier than me, so don't worry about the menu. If your man likes what you cook, You are good to go.

    My F-d won't touch it either, but he likes his part of Thursday's menu.

  3. Hi-just stopping in to say hi! Sounds like you are doing okay--so that is good to hear! When I was reading your post - the part about the ladybugs--I saw nuked after it and I thought you were going to say you nuked the ladybugs! lol

  4. Farmchick: I would, if it would get rid of them permenantly, but then my mw would stink. I've been scalding them and running them down the drain.
    Stay warm. Spring has to come eventually!

  5. well i am sure glad you took a break from not blogging to visit me...thanks for your sweet as cupcake comment would love to see your moxie room...hee hee cat

  6. Hi~I know I already commented on this post but I stopped by for a visit anyway! Hope things are going well for you!