Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm back...

Happy Monday (I think) Dear Readers....

The 2009 edition of "This Day of Resurrection" is behind us at my church. It was a great success and lots of fun. Thanks to Facebook, I had the opportunity to get more acquainted with some folks at church that previously I was only on a smile and "good morning" basis with.

I helped in the costume department and now I can dress a shepherd or a king. lol
I also helped serve during fellowship time after the performances a few evenings.
We have a few loose ends to clean up (literally) and will take a day or two to rest up and prepare for Resurrection Sunday! (my favorite holiday of the year)

I'll share photos as soon as there are some up on the church's website.

On the home-front, all the new mamas have had their calves.

Two were let out into the herd. The first mama had twins and we are keeping her and the one who had the only bull/steer of the bunch, in the pen for the time being. We wanted to watch the twins and feed mama better than she would get in the lot.

It's been cold here again on the prairie, but we missed out on the major snow storm that hit just 30 miles North of us. It's time for Spring now!! My flowers are eager to come up and I'm eager to start digging in the garden beds. My elderberry bushes came in the mail last week and I plan to look for strawberry plants next week. This week I will FINALLY get those lettuce starts going. It was just too cold and nasty to start them earlier.

I'll be a little scarce for this week yet. I have to clean my house for Sunday's Holiday Dinner and have plans to go quilt fabric shopping with a friend on Tuesday!

Have a marvelous Monday!
** “How do you tell the difference between male and female chocolate Easter bunnies?
The males have hollow heads…to which the men usually reply,
‘That’s because the females have hard heads!’”


  1. Glad to see you! I want to get out and dig in the dirt too...but it is all covered with snow! :( and what isn't is a muddy mess! Hope you have a great week!