Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Spring!

Lettuce "starts"

Well, I was back for a day, wasn't I? Sorry.... life happens. Resurrection Sunday has come and gone. We are filled again with that wonderful Hope of "Someday in Heaven!"

I spent a fun day in the city with a friend, going to a Quilt Shop, having lunch, buying her ds a guitar, and then another Quilt Shop. I have new fabric to play with and some new patterns. Just need the time now.

I attended my niece's dance recital, which was her last performance of her Senior High days. I thoroughly enjoyed all the dances from the little ones to the Seniors' self-choreographed dances. That was something I missed having only sons. :o)

During this week, we've found Spring on the Prairie!

The peeper frogs have started singing, some of the song birds are back and nesting. And the Prairie Chickens are dancing:

The red bud trees are blooming, as well as the forsythia and the wild plum:

And Farmer-dear started planting corn today:

Yes, Spring has sprung on the prairie.

** "April is a girly kind of month, frilly and flowery and scented and all dressed up for her first dance. The dreams, poetry and hopes of the winter come to fruition in this month when life is new once again."
--PennyAnn Poundwise


  1. I'd love to see the "Chickens Dance"! There used to be a lot of them around here and now it's a treat to see just one.

  2. a skiff of snow here this morning, and it's too wet to plant. I think the ground is too cold yet. sigh Where is spring??

  3. Wow, here's a surreal moment...I just read the 'quote' at the end of your post and thought, "Oooh cool, I like that!"LOL What can I say? My head isn't usually big, but it might be at the moment!"