Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A day in May

May is the perfect month for visiting Nebraska! Not too cold, not too hot, not too humid and everything is greening up and blooming and the birds are singing. It's one of my favorite months.

Let's take a short tour of the Prairie Farm & see what's going on....

Beautiful blue sky with some puffy white clouds, green grass, no potatoes up yet. :(
From this angle, even my messy patio looks nice and inviting.

To the south of the potato bed, I've planted 2 elderberry bushes. This one was the first to start leafing out. The other is just starting now. I'm hoping to make juice and jelly this fall from the berries. Maybe I can find a wine-maker who'll make me a bottle or two of wine as well.

Farmer-dear did not kill both of my rhubarb plants. Yay!! This one survived the tiller massacre.
It is between the elderberries and the potato garden.

Mr. Cat was keeping me company and guarding me from the squawking guinea hens.

If you squint and look beyond the wash-house, you'll see clothes drying on the line. I love my solar dryer! Also back there are the 2 pear trees. What you can't see is the dying dandilions and clover! Hurray!

On the patio, I have this huge (cracked) crock where I plant herbs every year. For several years I had thyme that wintered over but this year it died. So I planted 3 basil plants. I love basil. I dry it in my dehydrator or make pesto with what I don't use fresh.
I'll be planting a new thyme plant, sage, etc. in the other bed across the patio. Photos of that, later.

Just next to the basil crock is my salad bed. Radishes, onions, spinach, lettuce and swiss chard. I also threw in some wandering onions I got from a friend. Right now I'm battling either the guineas or the woodchuck for my veggies. Something is going to pay if they don't stop eating, scratching, digging in that bed!

Around front was my rosemary plant. I wintered it over on my unheated, sunny back porch. It was happy to come back outside and just Monday, I moved it back down to the patio, where it loves the hot, sunny space. And it's only steps away from the grill. I pick some to throw on chicken or shrimp when I'm grilling.

This year's pots have gerbera daisies in them. I love that hot pink color. It adds a little something exciting to my dull white and grey/black exterior.

Speaking of the front of the house, here is my favorite spring-summer-autumn spot. The corner of my enclosed front porch. I have my quiet time and coffee there most mornings. I watch the sunrise and the birds flying around. The cats come and sit on the ledge outside the windows and the cattle make their noises as we all greet the day.
I try to rest here a few minutes in the early evening and watch the shadows lengthen across the lawn as the sun goes behind the hill. From here I can also see our road heading east. I watch for Farmer-dear coming home over the far hill.
If you come visit, we'll have a chat out here.

The baby lettuce starts are really wanting to go out and grow. I'm waiting on a special order of hardware cloth so I can line my salad planters. I'll blog about those when I get them made.

I haven't had a chance to take photos of my new hostas or the rhubarb plants that 2 friends gave me. I love sharing plants. I planted those on Monday evening
I also went to my favorite family-0wned & operated nursery on Monday. They are only open in May-June until the planting season is over. I like to get my tomatoes and other bedding plants there and this year I got a beautiful Mandevilla vine there. It's residing on the patio now. They told me it likes hot and sunny and windy. It should ~Love~ my patio. lol Photos forth-coming.

This is just a small taste of my life right now. Busy with playing in my garden and enjoying Spring-time in Nebraska.


** "May and June. Soft syllables, gentle names for the two best months in the garden year:
cool, misty mornings gently burned away with a warming spring sun,
followed by breezy afternoons and chilly nights.
The discussion of philosophy is over; it's time for work to begin."

- Peter Loewer


  1. My SIL is sending me some rhubarb plants next weekend. They have a small acreage and they're popping up all over the place out there. I'm so happy she's willing to share.
    I only have a tiny back yard to garden in, but can relate to everything you have going on - well, except for the large livestock - don't have any of those! :o)
    I wondered how large of a pot you had your rosemary in that you winter over. It doesn't look huge, but your plant is beautiful. I'll give that a shot this year.

  2. Thank you for the lovely tour, I poured my own glass of red to enjoy while we visited.

  3. Tammy- The rosemary pot is a large one! I'll take a photo with a yardstick to show you how tall the plant is.

    Linda-that sounds lovely. I hope we enjoyed it. ;o)