Saturday, May 16, 2009

when it happens

This has been my life this week. Alot of face-first into the emotional brickwall.

It smarts!

But I am not defeated, I will not despair and my soul will not shrink. I'm being tested and tried and I hope I am not found wanting.

The evil one always knows our weak parts and he knows mine is relationships. I am remembering my greatest Friend and my dearest Love will never leave me nor forsake me. As long as I keep my eyes & heart on Him, I can withstand everything thrown at me.

I need to remember I'm being molded and crafted and I cannot blame and I have to take my eyes off me and my pain. I need to look past the immediate and try to be who Christ would have me be, if I truly am His follower.

But, it's still painful to be thrown against that wall time and time again.

Looking forward to worshiping tomorrow!


PS Just so no-one misinterprets this.... Farmer-dear and I are fine! It's other things.

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  1. These challenges.... I was just telling my daughter that when things are not working out the way we expect, or even totally not the way we want, our plans change but when we are on the other side, what we end up with is surprisingly better than we would have expected. I trust that the end is where we were meant to be.