Thursday, July 30, 2009


Why does one bank statement end up missing and it's always the one I need? If anyone sees our May 2009 statement floating around the cosmos, let me know.


The weather is gorgeous! I don't know how we got late September weather at the end of July, but I'm not complaining. I'll even give up my much-loved fresh, home-grown tomatoes, if the weather will just stay like this until real September.


We received our fifth wedding invitation of the summer. Wonder if I should start on first baby quilts now and get ahead of the game? lol


My guilty-pleasure tv show is turning into an obsession. (Darn that new DVR! lol)
This is not a good thing, so starting Aug. 1st I will be going back to my self-imposed tv restriction and cutting back on Facebook time. I have some projects I need to work on and a beloved friend coming for a visit. Before I know it, fall work, harvest, orders at the office and the holidays will be here and I'll be moaning about my unfinished projects and no time to do them. NOW is the time!


Speaking of that beloved friend.... Can you see my smile from there?! Stay tuned for photos of all the fun Leesie & I will be having soon!!

And here is a recent "fun-time" I had with my new/old friend, Iris. We finally met in real life (we only live 20 miles apart!) and had lunch. This will not be the only time. :o)

And here is the latest Zane cuteness. (His mommy lets me borrow him when I need some toddler hugs.)

and here are 2 sweet kidlets (minus little brother) who make me smile everytime I see them:
Miss ME and Master S (our Pastor & Miss Melanie's)

My cup is running over with friends. I am very blessed.


Tomorrow- Hopefully a recipe or two from tonight's dinner. Cumin-scented kabobs and marinated grilled veggies.

Until then,

** "Musing on roses and revolutions,
I saw night close down on the earth like a great dark wing." ~Randall


  1. Hi-glad you are still around! ;) Sounds like you have some fun times ahead.

    I was looking at your picture of your that a calico cat? It is hard to tell. I love calico kitties and have been wanting one since our last one disappeared. Maybe I will have to drive to NE to pick one up from your farm! :) Thanks for stopping by the other day.

  2. I wish I only lived twenty miles away, I'd be there for kabob's tonight ;)