Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wondering where I went?

I'm still here.... Just, not "here" here. It's summer. We've been busy!

I've had some company (wonderful, loved, special company).
My "twin from another mother" and dear, dear Friend, Lisa from PA came out for a 5-day visit. It was too short and we had so much fun just being here. She even put up with 2 weddings in one evening with us-- had to go to them. Bless her heart! We sewed and talked. We played on Facebook and talked. We went shopping and talked. We cooked and talked. I'm counting the time until she comes back.

Farmer-dear has decided just having a bad back isn't enough.... he had to add to it, not only weird statin-drug side effects but a cracked ankle too. **picture me banging my head against the wall**

The ankle is not horrible. After all, he did it back in May/June and we thought it was "just" sprained. The pain finally bothered him enough, he went to have x-rays. Which prompted the diagnoses of surgery and screws. Not going to happen in August! Not with an 8-week recovery timeframe and harvest around the corner. No, we'll wait until November when I'M super busy and then I can do all the chores alone. **picture some major face-pulling here!**

The statin was a suggestion from his doctor after his annual physical. Given his family history, and a slightly elevated cholesterol count, he was given a perscription and told they might have a side effect of leg pains. MIGHT?? 2 days of taking the drug and 5 nights of little to no sleep because of the pain. We finally figured out that if he drank sports drinks in the evening, it helped. I guess the drug affects the electrolyte level in your body. He will not be taking that drug anymore and we'll keep on our regiment of Fish Oil Pills and adding in oatmeal, more fruits and veggies and more fish/chicken/no meat meals. He is much better now but it was pretty bad while it lasted.

The tomatoes are coming on. :oD I'm enjoying every sweet, juicy bite and will be canning juice soon.

And it being August... that means the Blue-eyed One decides we must do some major farm project that either involves digging or painting or both. It's always hot, and sweaty and the flies eat me alive. This year we are doing 2 projects.

One is totally redoing the white board fence along our driveway.

I am painting the boards. I found that a 7" roller works really, really well for this. Unfortunately, we don't have enough tall stands for the boards so I'm in a stoop most of the time. My back & hips have been protesting over this.

The other project does not involve me, I hope! The Blue-eyed Farmer has demolished our feedbunk and is moving earth and will be redoing that.

I figure that is a 2-MAN job, not a one man, one woman job and DS2 will be called in as reinforcments.

And if all this was not enough, we had a mouse!!!! *Oh MY Stinking Gosh!!** In my pantry! I found "evidence" and discovered the little so and so had to taste alot of different foods. Taco seasoning, Crisco shortening sticks (?!), salt-water taffy, Ramen Noodles, Pasta, cereal, flour, etc... And crawled and pooped on every shelf, all the way to the top! We caught the little bugger, still alive and the cats finished the job. (And no, I did not feel badly for ending it that way! Go Cats Go!!)
So there was that big job of putting everything in bags or boxes in to jars, heavy tupperware or totes. And some in the freezer or an upper cupboard in the kitchen. And then washing/disinfecting everything.

So, as you can see, it has not been boring at all here on the Prairie Farm. I have plans for lunch with some favorite people in the next few weeks. I've been to the Cosmic Cow Quilt Store, the local Mall and some antique stores to indulge in the Retail Therapy.
Oh and the mowing continues. :op

I'll have photos soon of the new projects and of Lisa's visit and maybe some sewing projects I have in mind.

Until then, Stay Safe!

** “I bet deep down you still wish your mom would take you clothes shopping every August for the new school year.” ~~Bridget Willard


  1. My you've been busy!! Want to come and give my board fence another coat of paint? That way it'll only be one of us with an achy back and hips ;)

  2. Gee...Thanks Deary, but I think I'll share the "joy."

  3. LOL - love the mouse in pantry *NOT* have one too, just discovered it the other day, I think our mice are related, mine ate about the same things your's did UGH & I have no cats, the dogs would probably play or roll on it!!! I'm senting traps & I DON'T FEEL GUILTY either, lol!!! God Bless ~Gretchen~

  4. You have been busy too--I didn't doubt that one bit! Stop over for a visit soon. I have some pretty pictures posted. :)